2028 Piëch GT

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Founders Toni Piëch and Tobias Moers ignite the evolution stage of sports car culture.
Their ambition is to set new standards with the newly introduced PIËCH GT, a fully electric sports car.

● Tobias Moers, former CEO/CTO of Mercedes-AMG and CEO of Aston Martin, and founder Toni Piëch are acting as co-founders to shape the future of the company.
● PIËCH underscores the brand‘s restart with the unveiling of the new PIËCH GT. The innovative design and advanced technology represent the core elements of PIËCH’s
future direction.
● PIËCH's first sports car, a 2-door, 2+2-seater GT, will enter the market in 2028. It will feature over 1000 horsepower and rear-wheel drive in a dual-motor layout. Highlights include a proprietary battery platform and PIËCH DUAL2-DRIVE, PIËCH’s in-house developed transmission technology.
● The battery technology, designed to meet the specific demands of a sports car, along with superior thermal management (immersion cooling), sets new standards in
performance, range, and fast-charging capability. This technology forms the foundation for the PIËCH TRACK2CHARGE concept.
● PIËCH IMMERSIVE PERFORMANCE: PIËCH is committed to emotionalize the driving experience, promising a sports car experience unlike any ever seen in an electric
vehicle before.
● PIËCH leverages the exceptional automotive manufacturing expertise in the German-speaking region and across Europe to build fully electric sports cars.
● In collaboration with established partners, PIËCH is creating a new, asset-light structure. Without any obligations or limitations of previous or parallel investments in combustion engine technology. Complete focus on electric drives.

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