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Following the stunning debut of the Piëch Mark Zero electric sports car concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, progress is being made on the production model under the project name Piëch GT. Battery cell development, which had originally commenced in China, has since been shifted geographically closer to Europe. At the same time, rapid battery charging and energy recovery remain a strong argument for the electric sports car. The all-electric Piëch GT can be charged to 80 percent capacity in eight minutes at any CCS2 fast charging station, while a fast charger specially developed by TGOOD enables charging in under five minutes. The move to the new test center near Memmingen in southern Germany marked another milestone for the young Swiss company, enabling it to continue to efficiently drive forward development. As early as mid-2024, the new Piëch GT is to be launched on the market as the first vehicle in a product family of three variants, all of which, with their Piëch DNA, will transport typical sports car handling into the electric age.
Piëch Automotive AG is opening up a new chapter in the trial phase of its Piëch GT electric sports car project.
“Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have managed to overcome the resulting delays and keep our project fully on track. The financing rounds to date have been successful, and we can now confidently continue our journey towards market launch,” says Toni Piëch, co-founder and CEO of Piëch Automotive. With the relocation of the German development department from Munich to Memmingen in August, the team around Klaus Schmidt (CEO/CTO of the German affiliate) now has the ideal conditions to continue its work. “We have a test track and the appropriate logistics at our disposal here, which will substantially advance the development of
the Swiss sports car,” Schmidt is pleased to report.