2020 Volkswagen Nivus

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The Volkswagen Nivus arrives to make history. With an innovative design and new connectivity and streaming concepts, the Nivus comes out now in a totally digital world presentation, from Brazil to the world. The new model has been developed by Volkswagen South America and will be manufactured initially at the Anchieta factory, in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, to be commercialized in the South American market. In a second moment, the model will be made also in Europe.

The Volkswagen Nivus will be officially launched in the Brazilian market in mid-2020. In Argentina, the model will be in the dealerships at the end of the second half of 2020. The first semester of 2021 will be the time for the remaining South American markets to receive the Nivus. The model will be also launched in Europe, during the second half of 2021.

Innovative, attractive and functional design

With striking lines and a strong personality, the Volkswagen Nivus bears in its design one of the characteristics that make it unique in the market. "Since the beginning of the project, we have defined that the Nivus' design should be innovative, attractive and, at the same time, functional", reveals José Carlos Pavone, Volkswagen's Head of Design for Latin America.

The 'C' pillar's fast and fluid slope is one of the design highlights. "From the side, the Nivus has a strongly peculiar coupé profile. Its proportions and volumes define an athletic and modern character. The exclusive design 17-inch light alloy wheels and the pronounced fender protectors also contribute to create a harmonious unity, with a sporty and vibrant attitude.

Pavone, who traced the Nivus' first sketches about four years ago, explains that the Nivus' front end carries the typical Volkswagen's design DNA. "The headlights are connected to a very dominant grille and the striking hood lines, defining the car's robust character." The LED headlights, the LED DRL (daytime running lights) and the fog lights, also in LED, give the Nivus a unique visual identity, with a precise and efficient lighting performance for all usage conditions. On the grille, the new Volkswagen's logo is simpler and bidimensional. It is debuting in the Nivus, the first model to show it in the South American region.

The Volkswagen Nivus' rear end is a show by itself: a horizontal element unites and extremely elegant piece, worthy of premium-segment models. The stretch into part of the side, in a unique junction of esthetics and functionality. In the upper side, a spoiler integrated into the rear lid generates stretching effect in the roof, an essential detail to define the Nivus' sporty coupé style.

New reference in connectivity

The VW Play is a technological mark in the industry and brings a series of benefits for the customers. The VW Play is one of the main Nivus' innovations. The multimedia central, fully developed in Brazil, provides an intuitive usability experience unprecedented in the Brazilian market. With an extremely high resolution 10-inch screen, touch-sensitive, anti-scratch and 'virtual buttons', this platform not only the most modern connectivity resources, but also grants a series of services and streaming.

Associated with the digital panel (Active Info Display), it creates two large digital islands in the Volkswagen Nivus' dashboard. There are two interconnected 10-inch screens(the size of a tablet), providing unprecedented connectivity and entertainment for a vehicle in this segment. This digital cockpit counts with an intuitive, logical, intelligent and modern interface, which can be operated through the new steering wheel, the same used in the New Golf.

Simultaneously with the Nivus debuts also the VW Play APPs, a virtual store created exclusively for the Volkswagen customer, to download applications directly through the VW Play as easy as downloading an application in a memory (enough space to store 25 times the size of the Waze app, for instance) to download a series of apps, an exclusive partnership with Volkswagen. Estapar (parking), 12 min(audiobooks), Ubook (audiobooks), Porto Seguro (insurance), Deezer (music),Waze (navigation) and IFood (food delivery) are just some of the partners in a list that will keep growing to deliver more and more convenience to the Nivus' customers.

The VW Play also offers the Cognitive Manual integrated to the vehicle (the Nivus is the first car to provide this resource), capability to read virtually all media formats, excellent audio quality and an incredible connectivity capacity with smartphones Android and Apple - in this aspect, it is the first Brazilian car with cordless mirroring.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Besides the use of artificial intelligence of the Cognitive Manual, another Volkswagen Nivus' differential is the massive use of augmented reality, from the prototype development process to the dealerships' showrooms. "The Nivus has really arrived to inaugurate a new digital age for Volkswagen, with lots of technology. We will use virtual reality to show the Nivus to our customers. Through the DDX (Digital Dealer Experience), the customer will be able to see all car details in 3D, all them in a fully virtual way", says Gustavo Schmidt, Volkswagen do Brasil's Marketing and Sales vice-president. "More than 85% of the dealerships in Brazil will be equipped with this complete virtual reality structure."

And more: the customer will be able also to know the Volkswagen Nivus firsthand from his own home, using an app developed by Volkswagen with augmented reality technology. With a smartphone or a tablet, the customer will be able to 'travel' between the real and virtual worlds. He will see all details, turn the car around, open the doors, windows, or even the luggage trunk. By the way, an excellent luggage compartment, with 415 liter and easy access.

Safety first

Using the DDX it is also possible to know the Nivus' main safety features. Thanks to the MQB Modular Strategy, also used in the models Polo, Virtus and T-Cross, it is possible to adopt equipment so far available only in upper segment vehicles.

Fatigue Detector, ISOFIX and top-tether to fix child seats in the rear seat, Kessy (keyless doors opening and engine start), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), HHC(Hill Hold Assist), and rearview camera are other safety and comfort items present in the Nivus. Headlights and rear lights use LED, as well as the DRL (Daytime Running Light).

The ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) is one of the Nivus' most advanced features. It allows the driver to adjust the speed and the distance he wants to keep from the vehicle ahead. The system can automatically accelerate and brake. It is the only model in the compact segment in Brazil to count with it. The Volkswagen Nivus is also equipped with Emergency Brake, a system that, when it identifies the imminent risk of a frontal collision, brakes the car autonomously, completely avoiding a collision, in some situations.

Consecrated structure, spacious interior and high performance

Assembled on the versatile MQB Modula Strategy - which allows high construction flexibility thanks to its variable parameters (among them, the wheelbase) - the Nivus offers internal space ideal to carry up to five occupants with comfort.

It is 4,266 mm long, 1,757 mm wide, 1,493 mm high and has a 2,566 mm wheelbase. The luggage compartment is a reference among compact hatches and even market compact sport-utes (SUVs), with a 415-liter capacity. This benefit is due to an extremely functional design, with a coupé-style body and benefitted by a longer overhang. The trunk lid can be opened through one of VW Play's 'virtual buttons'.

High performance, low fuel consumption and driving pleasure are the main characteristics of the Volkswagen Nivus' powertrain. The engine is the celebrated flex-fuel three-cylinder 200 TSI, with direct fuel injection. This engine delivers a maximum power up to 128 cv (94 kW) and 20.4 m.kgf of torque, when fueled with ethanol. The transmission is a six-speed automatic. The 200 TSI engine is manufactured in the São Carlos (SP) plant and currently equips the models Polo, Virtus and T-Cross, with excellent customer satisfaction.