2012 Volkswagen Lavida

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Shanghai Volkswagen is presenting the New Lavida in a world premiere at Auto China 2012 in Beijing. Launched in June 2008, the Volkswagen Lavida has quickly taken charge in the A-class car market. Cumulative sales volume of the Lavida topped 700,000 units in January 2012. After four years, the New Lavida is making its appearance as a new member of the VW Lavida family. Similar to the Passat, its completely restyled body reflects the current Volkswagen 'design DNA'. The face of the New Lavida has clean styling, and its body lines are sharp. Its overall styling fully embodies powerful, contemporary and sporty design principles.

The Volkswagen Lavida is offered in three engine versions and four equipment lines. The base version already comes equipped with such standard safety features as ABS, ESP and front airbags. The VW Lavida is systematically designed to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, and it brings together the most advanced technologies, a timeless design, a good amount of space and the high manufacturing quality and excellent price-to-performance ratio that people have come to know from Volkswagen.

The New Lavida, like the previous model, is designed to extend its position at the top of the highest volume segment of the Chinese market - the hard-fought A-segment - and to further solidify Volkswagen's successful position there. In the future, our corporate strategy will continue, systematically, to bring German know-how, styling and engineering into harmony with Chinese culture and the preferences of car buyers in China in cooperation with local partners.