2021 Toyota C-HR GR Sport

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With the introduction of a new GR SPORT model, and new colour and trim choices for the C-HIC grade, the 2021 Toyota C-HR line-up brings greater refinement, exclusivity and prestige to the striking design language and outstanding dynamic performance that has already awarded the company's C-SUV segment iconic status within the Toyota model range.

Launched in 2016 and positioned as a dynamic crossover combining extravagant looks with the handling prowess to match - yet delivering segment-best emissions performance - the first Toyota C-HR had a powerful impact on the C-SUV segment.

In its first year, the C-HR sold 120,000 units in Europe, instantly achieving a 10% share of the segment. This success story has continued and today, equipped with a segment-unique choice of 1.8 litre, 122 hp or 2.0 litre, 184 hp hybrid powertrains, the CH-R is driven by more than 400,000 Europeans.

Inspired by Toyota's performance-focused GR models and the livery colours of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, the new GR SPORT adds sharper exterior and interior styling to the C-HR's already striking appearance.

Bringing greater elegance and exclusivity to the 2021 C-HIC grade, exterior and interior colour and trim upgrades include new bi-tone colour combinations, 18" alloy wheels and two-tone leather upholstery.

Finally, the entire 2021 C-HR model range is equipped with an updated version of Toyota Safety Sense which incorporates a number of new active safety features, making the C-HR every bit as safe as it is engaging to drive.




The bespoke frontal treatment of the GR SPORT includes a Black emblem background and headlamp housings, a Piano Black finish to the centre bumper and fog lamp surrounds, a dark chrome grille and a new, more aggressively styled front spoiler.

To the side, Piano Black door moulding inserts are complimented by a model-unique 19" alloy wheel design. And the rear features a Black emblem background, Piano Black reflector surrounds, a bespoke under-bumper trim garnish and the GR SPORT logo.

The GR SPORT is available in a choice of nine exclusive bi-tone colour schemes, including a new, model-unique Dynamic Grey finish with a black roof.


On board, the GR SPORT features a new Cool Silver cabin finish and a choice of alcantara-trimmed leather or all-fabric seat upholstery, both enhanced by a GR-inspired Red and Grey stitching theme.

Further bespoke elements include a perforated leather steering wheel rim, red stitching accents to both the wheel rim and the gear lever gaiter, model unique scuff plates, the GR SPORT logo, a GR stop/start button and a GR start-up animation in the driver's instrument binnacle TFT screen.

Equipment Specification

The GR SPORT's comprehensive equipment specification also includes privacy glass, smart entry, LED high beam headlamps and auto-fold door mirrors, whilst the main options list includes power operation and heating to the front seats and an outstanding JBL audio system.

Driving Dynamics

Model-bespoke tyres and suspension system and steering tuning have been designed to perceptibly improve the GR SPORT's dynamic behaviour whilst retaining the ride comfort levels of the rest of the C-HR model range.

A premium tyre, the new 19" Continental Premium Contact 6 (225/45) increases front axle grip levels and cornering stiffness, resulting in improved yaw resistance and less understeer when subjected to the same G-force. The new tyre is lighter than the current 18" fitting yet offers the same rolling resistance and similar vehicle CO2 emissions.