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Škoda Auto is comprehensively updating its compact Škoda Scala and Škoda Kamiq city SUV model series. Both models offer a very high level of active and passive safety, courtesy of rigid bodies and a now even more advanced range of assistance systems. Being based on the same MQB-A0 platform, both the Scala and the Kamiq feature efficient, modern TSI engines from the evo2 generation, with power outputs ranging from 70 kW (95 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp). With its refined, sharply drawn lines, the Scala looks even more dynamic, while the Kamiq's design adjustments lend it more rugged SUV appeal. Both models now come with Škoda's TOP LED Matrix headlights as an option - a first for these models. An increased proportion of recycled and natural materials for the exterior and interior ensures greater sustainability. The restructured product range for both models now consists of three trim levels with six interior variants along with optional equipment packages. A Digital Display with an 8-inch screen diagonal and an 8.25-inch Škoda Infotainment display already come as standard in all models. New Simply Clever details round off the refresh.

With its Scala and Kamiq models, Škoda Auto has successfully won over new customers for the brand. An expressively designed, practical hatchback model with comprehensive standard equipment, the Scala has set benchmarks in the compact class with its generous interior space and luggage capacity. Since first appearing in showrooms in 2019, nearly 230,000 units have been delivered to customers in 57 markets worldwide. A few months after presenting the Scala, the Czech car manufacturer entered the booming city SUV segment with the new Kamiq. This model offers the advantages of an SUV such as a better view and more comfortable entry and exit courtesy of its raised seating position, along with greater ground clearance, and combines these features with the agility and handling of a compact car. As the third model in the Czech brand's current SUV campaign, it quickly became a bestseller. More than 351,000 Kamiqs have rolled off the production line so far, making it the best-selling Škoda SUV in both 2021 and 2022, ahead of its popular big brothers, the Kodiaq and Karoq. The Kamiq has been delivered to customers in 60 markets worldwide.

A breath of fresh air with a new design and, for the first time, TOP LED Matrix headlights

Škoda has now presented the Scala and Kamiq with extensive updates. The Scala now looks even more dynamic, evoking the Vision RS concept study with its revised Škoda grille, slimmed-down headlights, redesigned aprons at the front and rear and striking air curtains. The Kamiq now comes with a larger, more upright Škoda grille, while new aprons with striking diffusers lend it more rugged SUV appeal. Moreover, the Kamiq's signature split headlights have new proportions: the upper lighting element is even more slender, while the lower one has grown in size. It accommodates optional TOP LED Matrix headlights with distinctive hexagonal Matrix modules, available for the first time for the Kamiq as well as the Scala. In the hatchback model, the crystalline LED modules were designed to evoke sparkling little blocks of ice or gemstones.

Sustainable materials and efficient powertrains

Škoda has again increased the proportion of sustainable materials in the Scala and Kamiq produced at the main plant in Mladá Boleslav. For example, the water reservoir underneath the windscreen and the wheel arch linings are made from recycled plastics. In the interior, natural plant fibres from hemp and kenaf are used in the door trim panels and in the structure of the roof lining, alongside recycled fabrics for the upholstery, flooring and foot mats. The engine range comprises three modern TSI units from the highly efficient evo2 generation. The entry-level engine is a 1.0 TSI three-cylinder unit with 70 kW (95 hp) and manual 5-speed transmission. The 1.0 TSI with 85 kW (115 hp) is available with a manual 6-speed gearbox or a 7-speed DSG. The same applies to the top engine, the 110 kW (150 hp) four-cylinder 1.5 TSI. It has ACT cylinder deactivation, which automatically switches off the two middle cylinders when their power is not needed. This is practically imperceptible to the driver and reduces fuel consumption. In addition to the standard suspension, a rough road suspension (with 15 millimetres more ground clearance for the Scala) and Sport Chassis Control with a choice of two damper settings (lowered by 15 millimetres for the Scala and by 10 millimetres for the Kamiq) are optionally available for both models.

Safety: Upgraded range of features for further improved active and passive safety

As is typical for Škoda, the upgraded Kamiq and Scala come with numerous assistance systems, some of which are more commonly associated with higher vehicle categories. They thus further enhance the level of active and passive safety of these two compact models: in the European Union, the standard equipment includes, for example, Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitor, Lane Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition among other features. In the event of an accident, up to nine airbags protect the occupants.

Restructured product range with three trim levels and six interior variants

With their restructured product range, the Scala and Kamiq now also offer the Design Selections familiar from the all-electric Enyaq family. Inspired by modern living environments, they feature coordinated colours and materials. Spread across three new trim levels - Essence, Selection and the sporty Monte Carlo top version - a total of six design variants are available. In addition, there are optional equipment packages in several categories, as well as a number of individual options. The popular Monte Carlo variants, which are an homage to Škoda's successes in the Monte Carlo Rally, traditionally stand out with their black accents as well as man-made Carbon leather in the interior. A Digital Display with an 8-inch screen diagonal and an 8.25-inch Škoda Infotainment display already come as standard in all models. The brand's signature range of Simply Clever details is complemented by such features as the Virtual Pedal for the optional electric tailgate, available for the first time in these models.

Škoda Scala: Even more distinctive appearance for the brand's game changer in the compact class

Škoda has made the expressive design of its compact Scala even more distinctive. With a redesigned Škoda grille and revised aprons at the front and rear, the refreshed hatchback model is even more reminiscent of the spectacular Vision RS concept. Its dynamic appearance is reinforced by slimmed-down headlights, available for the first time with TOP LED Matrix technology and LED modules evoking blocks of ice. The range of wheels in sizes from 16 to 18 inches has also been revised. The characteristic extended rear window made of black glass, which stretches down to the redesigned tail lights, remains available as an option. Škoda offers a total of nine paint finishes for the new Scala. The sporty Scala Monte Carlo top model is traditionally characterized by numerous black accents.

The Scala was the first model to showcase the current iteration of Škoda's design language. For the update of the model series, the Czech car manufacturer has drawn on the Scala's distinctive features and refined them further. The tapering headlights are now slimmer and even more sophisticated, featuring expressive LED components in the TOP LED Matrix variant. The front and rear aprons for the Scala emphasise sportiness, resembling the dynamic Vision RS concept.

The updated Scala features a new Škoda grille. This comes with the traditional vertical slats and plays with the alternation of matt and glossy surfaces. The front bumper has also been redesigned: the central air intake is divided by side wings and flanked by more pronounced air curtains. These emphasise sportiness while also protecting the LED fog lights, which are standard from the Selection model upwards. The air intake grille has a mesh-style design and comes with diamond-shaped segments that create a three-dimensional look.

TOP LED Matrix headlights with crystalline LED modules as a special feature

The new basic headlights for the Scala are now completely based on LED technology. TOP LED Matrix headlights are for the first time available as an option. They enable drivers to leave the high beam on permanently, without dazzling other road users. Oncoming vehicles are detected by a camera and automatically excluded from the light cone. In the sporty Monte Carlo top model, the TOP LED Matrix headlights are even included as standard. They have crystalline LED modules that look like little blocks of ice or precious stones. In addition, the night-time light signature has been split and redrawn. The LED tail lights also come in two versions. Compared to the basic version, the optional TOP variant has dynamic turn signals and a new, L-shaped light graphic that is standard in the Monte Carlo.

Rear apron with new diffuser

At the rear of the Scala, the optional extended rear window made of black glass stretches all the way to the tail lights, with a clearly contoured loading sill below. This combination encapsulates the model's characteristic interplay of expressive styling and maximum practicality. The redesigned rear apron includes a diffuser framed by two wing elements painted in body colour, mirroring the design of the front apron. At its premiere, the Scala was the first Škoda model to bear Škoda lettering on its tailgate instead of the logo; the updated version now bears the lettering conforming to the new, modernised Škoda CI.

New alloy wheels and nine paint finishes

Scala wheels come in sizes from 16 to 18 inches. New to the range are the 17-inch Kajam alloy wheels in silver with black aero inserts, the silver 18-inch Fornax wheels and the Ursa silver alloy wheels, also measuring 18 inches, with black aero inserts. The updated Scala can be ordered with nine paint finishes, of which three are solid colours. In addition, the Scala is exclusively available in a solid Steel Grey colour finish.

Black accents for the Scala Monte Carlo

The sporty Scala Monte Carlo top model is traditionally characterised by numerous black accents. The frame of the Škoda grille, the exterior mirror caps, the side skirts and the lettering on the tailgate all come in glossy black. The front wings are adorned with Monte Carlo badges. Standard equipment for the Scala Monte Carlo includes a black panoramic roof, which merges seamlessly into the extended rear window. There are also TOP LED Matrix headlights, LED fog lights with cornering light function and black tinting on the rear side windows and the rear window (Sunset). The standard 17-inch Kajam wheels for the Monte Carlo are finished in brushed black, with black aero inserts, while the optional 18-inch Ursa wheels for this top variant come in brushed black and without aero inserts.

Škoda Kamiq: More rugged looks and further increased SUV appeal

Increased SUV appeal for the Škoda Kamiq: new aprons and diffusers at the city SUV's front and rear make for more rugged looks, while the larger and more upright grille complements the car's powerful appearance. Newly shaped headlights underline the new look. The Kamiq optionally uses TOP LED Matrix technology with distinctive hexagonal LED modules. On top of that, just as with the Scala, there is a choice of new wheels and nine paint finish colours for the Kamiq.

The revised Kamiq comes with striking changes to its front and rear. Thanks to its more rugged appearance, it exudes more SUV presence. Its Škoda grille is larger and stands more upright. The double slats characteristic of Škoda SUVs are now more distinctive and form a U-shape at the lower end. Below the grille, a painted section of the new front apron and a wide air intake with a three-dimensional mesh emphasise the vehicle's width. Large air curtains incorporate the LED fog lights, which are standard from the Selection trim level upwards. A robust silver diffuser with three openings adds typical SUV underbody protection.

Distinctive hexagonal LED modules in the optional TOP LED Matrix headlights

The Kamiq's characteristic split headlights now have new proportions. The upper light is slimmer than before and uses four sharply drawn crystalline stones to provide the daytime running lights. In addition to the full LED base variant, the Kamiq is now also available with TOP LED Matrix headlights. These feature distinctive hexagonal Matrix modules with a protective "chin". Below is an additional spot light for enhanced high beam functionality. The entire headlight cluster sparkles with crystalline structures and is framed with chrome elements. The TOP LED Matrix headlights enable drivers to leave the high beam on permanently, without dazzling other road users. Oncoming vehicles are detected by a camera and automatically excluded from the light cone. The Kamiq Monte Carlo features the TOP LED Matrix headlights, which also include dynamic turn signals, as standard. In the LED tail lights, the split L-shaped light signature extending into the tailgate has been revised for the top variant (TOP LED tail lights) that includes dynamic turn signals (standard on Monte Carlo). The L-shaped reflectors and the rear fog light are visually linked to the rear lights.

Powerful rear section and large wheels

The Kamiq's new rear apron emphasises the width of the vehicle with surfaces painted in body colour and a large black area for the diffuser. Another part of the diffuser is finished in silver and emphasises the car's SUV character. The Škoda lettering on the tailgate reflects the new, updated Škoda CI. As with the Scala, the Kamiq's portfolio includes the silver 17-inch Kajam alloy wheels with black aero inserts, the 18-inch Fornax wheels in silver and the 18-inch Ursa silver alloy wheels with black aero inserts. The Kamiq is available in two solid colours and seven metallic paint finishes and can also be ordered in the eye-catching Phoenix Orange metallic shade. Another option on offer for the Kamiq is the Colour Concept finish, with the roof, A-pillar and exterior mirrors in contrasting black.

Top variant Kamiq Monte Carlo

Škoda is offering a sporty Monte Carlo lifestyle variant for the Kamiq, too. In this version, the frame of the Škoda grille, the exterior mirror caps, the side skirts, the roof rails and the lettering are traditionally finished in glossy black. This model also has an all-black diffuser. The front wings feature Monte Carlo badges. Standard equipment includes TOP LED Matrix headlights, LED fog lights with cornering light function, the panoramic roof and black tinting on the rear side windows and rear window (Sunset). The Kamiq Monte Carlo comes equipped with standard 17-inch Kajam wheels, boasting a brushed black finish with black aero inserts. Alternatively, the optional Monte Carlo version of the 18-inch Ursa wheels is finished in brushed black, without aero inserts.

Interior: Design variants and sustainable materials

The update for the Škoda Scala and Kamiq includes a restructuring of the product range. A total of six interior variants are available across the three new trim levels Essence, Selection and the sporty Monte Carlo top version. Similar to the all-electric Enyaq family, they come in the shape of Design Selections inspired by modern living environments, boasting perfectly coordinated colours and materials. The redesigned covers for the seats, instrument panel and door trim panels also use recycled fabrics along with natural materials such as hemp and kenaf. Additional equipment features are offered as packages in several categories, and then there are further individual options. The optional Climatronic system has been given a new, more intuitive control panel.

Škoda has combined its update of the Scala and Kamiq with a restructuring of its product range. The new trim levels Essence, Selection and Monte Carlo offer a total of six interior variants. Using perfectly coordinated colours and materials, the Design Selections take their cues from modern living environments. The Design Selection "Studio" in the new Essence entry-level model comes with black fabric upholstery. The trim level Selection offers a choice of four different Design Selections. In the Design Selection "Loft", for example, grey fabric is used for the seats and a decorative pad on the instrument panel, while the Design Selection "Lodge" comes with Suedia microfibre, again in grey. "Lodge" also features copper-coloured Hot-stamping and LED ambient lighting able to switch from white to red as standard. The multifunction steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake lever are covered in leather.

Comfortable or sporty with the design variants "Suite", "Dynamic" and "Monte Carlo"

The comfort-oriented Design Selection "Suite" comes with leather-upholstered seats that can be heated and electrically adjusted as standard. The Hot-stamping has a chrome look. The Design Selection "Dynamic" is focused more strongly on sportiness. The sports seats with integrated headrests are partly upholstered with black Suedia, which is also used for the pad on the instrument panel, as in the Design Selection "Suite". The roof lining is again black. Red Hot-stamping adds visual highlights. The pedals have an aluminium look. The sporty top model Monte Carlo offers even more visual highlights with the Design Selection also called "Monte Carlo". Here the sports seats are upholstered in man-made Carbon leather, as are the decorative pad on the instrument panel and the door trim panels. The multifunction sports steering wheel has black stitching on the leather finish and bears a Monte Carlo badge. Adjustable LED ambient lighting is standard for the "Monte Carlo" variant as well.

Sustainable materials

In order to further reduce its vehicles' CO2 footprint in production, Škoda Auto uses even more sustainable materials for the Scala and Kamiq than before - recycled materials for the upholstery, flooring and foot mats are complemented by natural, renewable raw materials. The door trim panels, for example, are partly made of fibres from hemp and kenaf, a type of hibiscus. The headliner also contains a proportion of these fibres for added strength.

Equipment packages and individual options

The restructured product range for the Scala and Kamiq offers popular optional equipment intelligently combined into packages in several categories. The Climatronic system, for example, which has been given a new, more intuitive control panel, can be ordered as part of the Technology package. The Assisted Drive package includes Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Adaptive Lane Assist and Hands-on Detection, while Assisted Drive plus also offers Side Assist. The Winter package includes heating functions for the steering wheel and windscreen, while the various Convenience packages come with a reversing camera, Kessy keyless entry and an electric tailgate complete with Virtual Pedal. Individual options include an alarm system, a trailer tow hitch, heated rear seats, electric seat adjustment and a sound system.

Safety: A wealth of assistance systems and up to nine airbags

The Škoda Scala and the Škoda Kamiq are among the safest vehicles in their respective classes. Their high level of active and passive safety earned both models the maximum rating of five stars in their Euro NCAP tests, courtesy of very torsionally rigid bodies, up to nine airbags and a wide range of advanced assistance systems.

The Škoda Scala and Kamiq protect their occupants with numerous active and passive safety systems that contribute to preventing an accident or reducing the severity of its consequences. Both models have very torsionally rigid bodies that include a high proportion of high-strength or specially hardened steel. This increases safety and also makes for improved handling and exceptional durability. In the event of an accident, up to nine airbags protect the occupants. Standard equipment for vehicles in the European Union includes airbags for the driver and front passenger as well as head airbags and side airbags at the front. A safety package with a driver's knee airbag, rear side airbags and Crew Protect is available as an option. Crew Protect automatically closes open windows and tightens the front seat belts in the event of an imminent collision.

Wide range of assistance systems

Škoda offers a comprehensive range of assistance systems for the Scala and Kamiq, some of which are more commonly associated with higher vehicle categories. In the European Union, both models' standard equipment includes Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitor, Lane Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition. Manoeuvre Assist uses the rear parking sensors to detect potential obstacles when manoeuvring and automatically brings the vehicle to a stop if a collision is imminent. Hands-on Detection checks at regular intervals whether the driver has their hands on the steering wheel and is still in control of the vehicle. Side Assist, available as an option, warns of approaching vehicles from behind, up to a distance of 70 metres. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Adaptive Lane Assist are also available as options for the Scala and Kamiq. The latter system also recognises non-permanent lane markings, for example due to roadworks, and where appropriate performs active steering interventions to help keep the vehicle in its lane.

Connectivity: Touchscreens in two sizes and Wireless SmartLink

The refresh of the compact Škoda Scala and Kamiq also includes further fine-tuning of the two models' infotainment systems and connectivity features. The Scala and Kamiq now feature an eight-inch Digital Display as standard, with a customisable 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit available as an option. The free-standing central touchscreen display now measures at least 8.25 inches on the diagonal and has a glazed front. If a customer orders the optional navigation package, the display measures 9.2 inches. Four USB-C ports with an output of 45 watts, for fast-charging mobile devices or even laptops, are available as an option.

All variants of the Škoda Scala and Kamiq are always online. The Digital Display with a screen diagonal of eight inches is now standard; the optional 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit offers various layouts and can be configured to suit individual preferences. The Škoda Infotainment system has a free-standing central touchscreen display with a screen diagonal of 8.25 inches and two rotary buttons; the front is glazed. The system offers digital radio reception (DAB) as well as Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and transferring audio signals from a smartphone. Two USB-C ports with 15 watts of power and four speakers are standard.

Navigation package and technology packages available as options

The infotainment system can be optionally expanded with additional packages. The navigation package includes a 9.2-inch Škoda Navigation display and the ability to control the system via the digital voice assistant Laura. The package also includes Wireless SmartLink, web radio and four additional speakers. The navigation maps are updated over the air. The Essence models can be upgraded with a technology package equipping them with four USB-C ports that then also enable fast charging of mobile devices or even laptops at up to 45 watts. The Selection variants add an automatic anti-dazzle function for the interior mirror. The Technology Plus package also offers a further USB-C port on the interior mirror - ideal for connecting a dashcam, for example - as well as the Phone Box for inductive charging of compatible smartphones. Music lovers can choose the optional Škoda Sound System complete with a subwoofer in the spare wheel well.

Simply Clever: First Virtual Pedal in the A0 segment

Like all Škoda vehicles, the Scala and Kamiq offer the brand's typical Simply Clever ideas. Classics include the umbrella in the driver's door, the parking ticket holder on the A-pillar and the ice scraper with a tyre tread depth gauge in the fuel filler flap. In a first for Škoda in the A0 segment, the Virtual Pedal for the optional electric tailgate is now available for the new Scala and the new Kamiq. And several new features from other Škoda models have also found their way into the updated compact model and city SUV. Optional Simply Clever packages are available as well.

Škoda's signature Simply Clever ideas are small features that make everyday use of the vehicle easier. These include, for example, the umbrella in the driver's door, the parking ticket holder on the A-pillar and the ice scraper with tyre tread depth gauge in the fuel filler flap. The refresh of the Scala and Kamiq has now added some Simply Clever features that were previously available for other models made by the Czech car manufacturer. The Virtual Pedal, for instance, is now for the first time available on a Škoda in the A0 segment. It enables drivers to use a foot movement to open the optional electric tailgate - ideal for when you're carrying shopping, for example, and don't have a hand free.

Transfer of ideas from other Škoda models and new packages

In addition to the Virtual Pedal, Simply Clever features previously available for other Škoda models are now being introduced to the revised Scala and Kamiq. These include smartphone storage pockets on the backs of the front seats, familiar from the Enyaq and the fourth-generation Octavia and Fabia. Another Fabia feature is the self-affixing and easily removable box on the central tunnel, which allows rear passengers to store small items and also includes a flexible cupholder. Two optional Simply Clever packages are part of the restructured product range. The basic version includes cargo elements, a 12 V socket, a net package and top tether hooks in the boot as well as a net under the rear shelf. The Plus package includes a removable compartment between the rear seats, storage compartments under the front seats, several brackets designed to hold multimedia devices and the clever, automatically unfolding door edge protector.