2019 Renault Koleos Initiale Paris

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With its sturdy and high-end design, its comfort and its outstanding performance, Renault Koleos has successfully established itself as an international reference in the large SUV segment. It also offers real off-road capability with its all-wheel drive transmission which benefits from the Alliance's expertise.

Two years after entering the European market, the New Renault Koleos has been improved at all levels with a more assertive exterior design and enhanced interior comfort. It also features more powerful and efficient new engines and more on-board technologies. The New Koleos, along with Talisman, Talisman Estate and Espace, fully embodies the values of the top of the Renault line-up. The INITIALE PARIS version reflects all of Renault's expertise in terms of elegance, sophistication and comfort.


The Renault Koleos's design remains the primary purchasing criterion for customers.With its elegant appearance, muscular shoulders and stylish bodywork, it ticks all the boxes of a large SUV and fully meets its customers' expectations and requirements. The New Renault Koleos has a more assertive style and a stronger presence.


The rear of the New Koleos has been redesigned, with a skid plate extending higher on the bumper and transverse chrome brightwork to match the front-end. The third stop lamp has been extended. The New Koleos keeps the twin chrome exhaust pipes which give it a sporty touch.


The New Renault Koleos's front-end now features a more pronounced front grille. New chrome brightwork appears across the whole length of the bumper and extends to the chrome-underlined fog lamps. In the lower part, the bumper has a new and more impressive skid plate which accentuates the vehicle's adventurous look.


New alloy wheels - 18-inch "Taika" with grey diamond finish and 19-inch "Kavea" with black diamond finish - give the New Koleos a polished look. The catalogue also offers a new "Vintage Red" bodywork colour which shows off the New Koleos's volumes and lines with rich and deep shades ranging from black to red.


The New Renault Koleos retains distinctive and striking features like its chrome trim extending horizontally down the whole wing, making the bonnet appear longer, and new chrome wing trims. Its C-shaped lighting signature, a characteristic feature of Renault models, gives it a unique and penetrating look. In addition, the INITIALE PARIS high-end model offers specific style features such as 19-inch diamond-cut wheels and an "INITIALE PARIS" marking on the front grille and front wing trims. It also features an exclusive "Amethyst Black" metallic colour.


Meticulous attention to detail has been lavished on the finish of the New Koleos's passenger compartment, including satin chrome inserts on the steering wheel, gear lever and air vents, as well as foamed materials on the dashboard and door trims. The New Koleos is still generously proportioned and roomy, while key cabin features have been improved to enhance the comfort and well-being of passengers.


The New Renault Koleos is welcoming. 4,670 mm long and with a 2,710 mm wheelbase, it has been designed to provide as much interior space as possible for passengers and their luggage. Rear passengers have plenty of head, shoulder and elbow room. Knee room, a best-of-class 289 mm, remains the same. To emphasise the sense of spaciousness even more, the New Koleos can be fitted with a glass sunroof which extends over the rear seats.


Depending on the versions, the New Koleos's front seat cushions can now be extended with an adjustment cushion while the wide Relax headrests maximise support. In addition to these power adjustments (six ways and lumbar support) and heating and ventilation features, the driver's seat now also includes a massage programme.

The New Renault Koleos now offers a reclining rear bench seat with two positions that allow passengers to rest and relax during long journeys.


With handles located in the boot, the Easy Break system allows for 1/3-2/3 folding of the rear seat in no time. The loading capacity ranges from 498 dm3 VDA (579 litres) with all five seats in place to 1,706 dm3 (1,795 litres) with the rear seat folded. The boot offers ingenious versatility with a raised floor at the same level as that of the load sill to provide a flat loading area. The New Koleos also has many storage compartments (35 litres in all), including an 11-litre glove box and a 7-litre compartment in the centre console. There are warming and cooling cup holders in the front.


In keeping with the new models recently presented, the New Koleos's INITIALE PARIS signature has been revamped to offer the best of Renault's expertise and give passengers a stimulating sense experience that embraces touch, hearing, smell and driving sensation. The aim is to combine a meticulous finish with the best materials to create a sophisticated environment.

The New Koleos thus offers new Nappa leather upholstery in black titanium or light sand-grey. Embellished with double topstitching which emphasises the seats' design, the INITIALE PARIS upholstery is reminiscent of the world of haute couture.

The New Renault Koleos INITIALE PARIS also stands out for the specific design and markings of its dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, door sills and uppermats. Laminated side windows provide greater acoustic comfort.


The New Koleos is equipped with a new generation of Blue dCi Renault engines which feature the latest pollution-control technologies, including a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) regarded as the most efficient for the after-treatment of nitrous oxides (NOx). This technology reduces fine-particle emissions without impacting performance.

Blue dCi 150 X-Tronic

Flexible, smooth and quiet, this 150 HP engine stands out for its versatility and efficiency in all situations. Offered in two-wheel-drive version (front-wheel drive), it emits 143 g CO2/ km (NEDC correlated values obtained under WLTP testing).

Blue dCi 190 X-Tronic All Mode 4x4-i

Offering 15 HP more than the previous generation, The New Koleos continues its move up-market. This engine offers outstanding performance and driving comfort. Mated with an allwheel drive transmission, it emits 150 g CO2/km (NEDC correlated values obtained under WLTP testing).


The New Renault Koleos's Blue dCi engines are combined with state-of-the-art X-Tronic automatic transmission. Suited to European use, it offers greater flexibility in cities to reduce fuel consumption and improve driving comfort compared to a traditional automatic transmission. X-Tronic transmission offers a smoother driving experience, ensuring seamless acceleration without the shift shock when changing gears and reducing revving noise. However, drivers can always opt for seven-speed manual mode transmission to heighten acceleration and engine braking sensations.


The New Koleos's All Mode 4x4-i system not only increases off-road capabilities but also improves roadholding to offer greater stability and safety. In Auto mode, all the sensors constantly monitor acceleration, yaw motion and the steering angle. Torque distribution between the front and rear wheels is then adjusted to provide greater grip and prevent understeer or oversteer.


The New Koleos offers 190 mm ground clearance, one of the highest of its category, and its short overhangs provide front/rear approach and departure angles of 18° and 25° respectively. It thus shows real off-road capability when driving on sunken roads and even over obstacles.


The New Koleos has undergone various endurance and quality tests to ensure maximum reliability, both on- and off-road. 150,000 km of roadway have been covered in extreme weather conditions: cold (-25°C), heat (+40°C), high altitude (+2,500 m), sun and dust. Very rigorous lab simulation tests have also been carried out over more than 400,000 km.


Designed and developed by the Alliance, the New Renault Koleos's All Mode 4x4-i has already proved itself on millions of Alliance vehicles sold worldwide. The all-wheel drive system ensures constant control of the grip between the wheels and the ground to provide ultimate driveability in all situations. The New Koleos allows drivers to manually select the transmission mode:

  • Front-wheel drive (2WD) mode: only the front wheels are driven, regardless of road grip conditions, reducing fuel consumption;
  • Auto (4WD) mode: on-board electronics automatically manage torque distribution between the front and rear axles according to grip and driving conditions (up to 50% of torque can be transferred to the rear wheels);
  • Lock (4WD) mode: the centre differential is locked and ensures a 50/50 torque distribution between the front and rear wheels. This mode can be used only in extreme and low-grip conditions (snow, mud, dirt, sand) and operates only at reduced speed. It is automatically disabled above 40 km/h and each time the engine restarts.


The New Koleos features a comprehensive suite of driver-assistance systems (ADAS). It already included Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), Automatic High/Low Beam Headlights (AHL), 360° park assist and Easy Park Assist (EPA). Since September 2018, the line has been enhanced with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) as a standard feature on all versions, and Tiredness Detection Warning (TDW). The Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS City and Inter- Urban) includes a new Pedestrian Detection system for urban pedestrians.


Depending on the versions, the New Renault Koleos can be equipped with LED Pure Vision headlamps acting both as high and low beam headlights. Daytime running lights give it a unique look. At night, the technology is 20% more powerful than a standard halogen beam, significantly improving visibility. The rear day and night running lights feature Edge Light technology which adds a 3D effect for clear and bright light, both from a distance and close up.


In its INITIALE PARIS version, the New Koleos features a unique Bose® sound system comprising 13 high-performance speakers. The Bose Centerpoint® technology produces an authentic and clear sound with a degree of acoustic realism close to that of live musical performance. The driver and passengers are surrounded by a rich and balanced sound no matter where they sit.


The R-LINK 2 sat nav and multimedia system is offered in two screen formats (depending on the version), a 7-inch horizontal or an 8.7-inch vertical screen. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the on-screen smartphone replication feature is now vertical for easier reading, with a full-screen Apple CarPlay display. The New Renault Koleos features a voice recognition system activated from the steering wheel in order to manage sat nav, phone calls, apps, emails and radio. A catalogue of apps specifically designed for automotive use is also available on the R-LINK Store, including the communitybased and very popular Waze navigation system. Both USB plugs are now located under the centre console, at the base of the gear lever, for greater convenience.