2021 Renault Clio E-Tech Hybrid - UK version

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  • Renault’s growing electrified car range expands further with All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid, available alongside New Megane and All-New Captur E-TECH models and New ZOE
  • All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine, two electric motors and a powerful battery
  • Based on modular CMF-B architecture, it is designed for electrification from the start
  • E-TECH powertrains use advanced technology influenced by the Renault F1 team with the debut of multi-mode clutchless gearbox featuring smooth and swift responses
  • B Mode captures energy lost under braking and deceleration which then feeds back to battery for use later
  • All models with E-TECH powertrains feature a TFT Driver Information Display, EASY LINK navigation system and E-TECH badging
  • All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid boasts a unique Launch Edition specification with enhanced interior and blue and copper exterior colour packs
  • All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid emits just 98g/km of CO2 with 22 per cent BIK for 2020/2021 and £125 VED
  • All models come with a comprehensive five-year warranty with unlimited mileage limit in the first two years, while those with E-TECH and Z.E. powertrains come with eight-year battery warranty
  • Priced from £19,595 OTR in Play specification, the Clio E-TECH Hybrid is available now

Renault has introduced an advanced E-TECH powertrain to one of its most successful models ever, giving buyers of the best-selling Clio more choice than ever with a broad spectrum of engine and powertrain options.

The Clio, Renault’s popular supermini, is the definition of a success story with 30 years of providing excellent value, comfort and enjoyment. More than 650,000 Clios have been sold in the UK in the last 30 years, and the latest All-New Clio is the most advanced yet with a choice of efficient petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, a five-star Euro NCAP crash safety rating and a broad range of well-equipped specifications.

The first Renault to be built on the modular CMF-B platform, the All-New Clio boasts evolutionary exterior design with a revolutionary interior featuring premium materials and the latest technology – including 9.3-inch EASY LINK touchscreen and crisp TFT Driver Information Display.

Further enhancing the appeal of the Clio is the advanced new E-TECH powertrain, introducing hybrid power to the Renault range for the first time. Debuting technology inspired by the Renault F1 team for energy optimisation and brake regeneration, all models fitted with E-TECH technology offer customers strong performance with low running costs, enhancing the driving experience and refinement of existing Clio models.

The All-New Clio range has expanded with the new E-TECH hybrid powertrain, making full use of the expertise gained from the Renault Formula 1 Team in its application.

Available across all Clio trim levels, the E-TECH hybrid powertrain offers a flexible option to customers looking for both efficiency and performance.

Technology that’s found in an E-TECH powertrain can be broken down into two categories; the first is the way in which energy use and recovery can be optimised, while the other is the application of an innovative multi-mode dog gearbox for the first time in a production vehicle.

The electrification of Clio has been easy thanks to the versatile CMF-B modular architecture that was designed from the start to accept electric capabilities. In addition, the compact E-TECH powertrain can also be mounted in the engine compartment of the Clio E-TECH Hybrid, ensuring there’s no compromise in practicality elsewhere.

The hybrid series-parallel architecture ensures there’s a wide range of combinations relating to engine operations and the most effective CO2 gains while in use on the road. All E-TECH powertrains offer three levels of energy regeneration and regenerative braking.

The Clio E-TECH Hybrid makes use of a new-generation 1.6-litre petrol engine accompanied by two electric motors – an “e-motor” and a High-voltage Starter Generator (HSG) with aninnovative multi-mode clutchless gearbox. This revolutionary combination provides smoother gear changes that results in superior fuel efficiency.

A 1.2kWh (230V) lithium-ion battery also features, allowing significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, delivering the ability to complete 80 per cent of urban journeys in 100 per cent electric mode – selected via the MULTI-SENSE driving modes or a dedicated ‘EV’ button positioned on the dashboard.

The E-TECH powertrain automatically starts the car in electric mode, as the gearbox is clutchless – this means the engine does not need to be engaged when starting the vehicle. On start-up, the All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid is responsive and refined with maximum torque but also maximum efficiency operating in electric mode.

The All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid’s powertrain automatically adapts to the driving conditions and the way in which it is being driven – managing its power supply accordingly, as well as the battery regeneration opportunities.

The change from one mode to another is barely noticeable and requires no input from the driver – the E-TECH powertrain automatically decides the most appropriate mode for the situation to optimise efficiency and emissions, while continuing to deliver responsive and enjoyable driving.

Performance, economy and driving
Compared with an internal combustion engine, the All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid saves up to 40 per cent in fuel and is capable of travelling up to 80 per cent of the time in electric mode.  

This makes it an ideal companion for urban journeys as it will travel at speeds of up to around 27mph in electric mode. Emitting as little as 98g/km of CO2 (WLTP), the All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid returns fuel economy of up to 64.2mpg.

A total output of 140hp makes this the most powerful All-New Clio in the range, completing the 0-62mph sprint in 9.9 seconds. A choice of modes selectable via the MULTI-SENSE menus, or buttons on the centre console,allow the driver to tweak the driving experience to one of the following modes:

  • MySense: Best for everyday use, My Sense offers the best compromise in terms of performance and economy, using as much electric power as possible, but in the most efficient way.
  • Eco: Uses a more measured mapping of the accelerator pedal and adapted gear changing for the most economical drive.
  • Sport: Engages the full system’s potential all the time for faster responses and the most rapid performance.

Information is constantly fed back to the driver via the main EASY LINK touchscreen display as well as the instrument panel showing the energy flow to the drive system. A power meter on the driver display shows how aggressively the power is being requested – and by what means – while the battery meter on the other side shows the charge level in real time along with consumption figures.

All-New Clio retains the model’s trademark agility and driving fun. For starters, the steering has been made more responsive thanks to a reduction in ratio from 15.2 to 14.4, while the electrical assistance has been calibrated to provide more natural feedback. There’s also a more solid and stable mounting of the front suspension that helps boost steering accuracy, while a reduction in the turning circle from 10.8 to 10.5 metres improves agility around town.

What’s more, the overall chassis balance and location of the torsion beam rear axle have been improved for greater high-speed stability, promoting agile and assured handling. At the same time, optimised suspension travel means a more controlled ride with less bouncing around for passengers. Brake pedal travel has also been reduced for improved vehicle response.

The All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid is available across all main trim levels: Play, Iconic, S Edition and R.S. Line, plus an exclusive Launch Edition. That means buyers have ultimate choice over the level of equipment they desire.

However, all Clio E-TECH Hybrid models offer some unique features to mark it out from the rest of the range.

On top of the Clio’s distinctive, evolutionary exterior, features specific to those with an E-TECH powertrain under the bonnet include E-TECH badging on the B-pillar and boot-lid, plus the option of a Hybrid Blue pack that features blue detailing to exterior – such as across the front grille, on the lower edges of the doors and rear bumper and the centre of the alloy wheels. A unique graphic below the front fog lights distinguishes the E-TECH Launch Edition models.

E-TECH-specific features extend to the interior of Clio models fitted with the new hybrid powertrain, with subtle blue detailing running the width of the cabin in the air vents, around the gearlever, plus E-TECH badging. A unique light cabin environment is also available on S Edition and Launch Edition spec.

As with the rest of the Clio range, E-TECH Hybrid comes with the revolutionary interior that sets new standards in the supermini class with large, crisp display screens and premium finishes.

The Clio strikes a fine balance of comfort, technology and practicality, with eye-catching features. These include the large 9.3-inch EASY LINK touchscreen display, enveloping seats and striking ambient lighting in a choice of eight colours, with an ergonomic layout and driving position, enabling the driver to benefit from the superior refinement on offer.

All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid models also come with a 7.0-inch TFT Driver Information Display, complemented by a 7.0- or 9.3-inch EASY LINK touchscreen display, dependent on trim level. The digital instrument cluster is unique to Clio E-TECH Hybrid models, displaying specific hybrid animations such as battery levels and energy flow, with a larger 10-inch version available. Everything from economy information to the full navigation map function can be displayed, giving the driver various options to personalise the interior experience.

The quality of materials is the best ever in the Clio, with a soft-touch dashboard top with a customisable centre panel that can be selected in a choice of colour packs. Premium materials for the heating and ventilation controls are found with satin finishes, while piano key buttons running along the bottom of the touchscreen give an upmarket lift and ease of access to key functions. A floating centre console gives the Clio’s interior a modern look with practicality benefits, housing a wireless smartphone charger and storage areas beneath.

The advanced hybrid’s clever packaging does not impede on the car’s overall practicality. The boot remains a versatile 300 litres, the rear bench folds flat and there’s room for a spare wheel too.

For the best part of three decades the Renault Clio has been leading the way for high specification and cutting-edge technology. More often than not the Clio has been the first car in its class to include features that had previously been the preserve of larger and more expensive models.

All-New Clio is no exception in this regard, delivering a raft of technologies aimed at making driving safer, simpler and more enjoyable. From advanced driver assistance systems through to three different infotainment options and a powerful BOSE hi-fi system, All-New Clio is packed with premium touches rarely seen on a B-segment model.

Renault is committed to delivering the latest connectivity and online services to its vehicles, and on Play models All-New Clio benefits from its tried and tested R&GO infotainment system, which allows drivers a straightforward and intuitive link between their smartphone and the car.

Using a universal cradle and a free-to-download app, owners can quickly access the four most frequently used functions - navigation, phone, multimedia and trip computer functions. In addition, there’s Bluetooth connectivity for phone and music streaming, plus both USB and aux-in sockets.

For All-New Clio Iconic, S-Edition and R.S. Line versions there’s the latest EASY LINK infotainment system. Boasting a seven-inch touchscreen display on the Iconic, and an even larger 9.3-inch portrait screen on the other versions, the EASY LINK screen is mounted centrally on the dashboard, within easy reach of both the driver and front seat passenger.

Grouping a number of connected services, platforms and apps, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the system simplifies connected mobility by offering remote vehicle management, more precise and easily configurable sat-nav routes, and simpler in-car integration of the connected worlds of the driver and passengers.

At its heart is an all-new smartphone-inspired interface that is user-friendly and functional, users are able to customise various screens using widgets to directly access their favourite functions. Crisp and clear graphics make it easy to view information at a glance, while intuitive pinch and swipe functionality offers quick and simple operation on the move. Of course, there’s always the voice control option for some of the programmes, allowing drivers to keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

There’s also 3D sat-nav mapping for even clearer route-finding. It works in conjunction with the seven-inch TFT display in the instrument cluster to beam useful information, such as sat-nav directions, directly into the eye line of the driver for even safer use on the move. The optional 10-inch Smart Cockpit instrument pack offers even greater opportunities for customisation of the data the driver can access.

On top of this the EASY LINK platform offers 4G connection to directly integrate services, including an automatic emergency call in the event of an accident. It also allows for a constantly refreshed platform of automatic updates, navigation integrating real-time information on traffic and danger areas provided by TomTom, as well as new functions such as Google Places. There’s also an electronic ecosystem of familiar services that are updated and continually enhanced by our partners including Google, TomTom and Coyote.

Safety and driver assistance
Once again All-New Clio leads the way for pioneering safety, with both a five-star Euro NCAP rating and a range of hi-tech driver assistance systems that are more usually seen on bigger and far more expensive models. With everything from semi-autonomous driving functionality to a simple speed limiter, All-New Clio puts the safety of its occupants and other road users front and centre.

Leading the charge is the Traffic and Motorway Assistance Pack – a Level 2 autonomous driving aid, which is a first in this sector. This system combines adaptive cruise control (with Stop & Go) and lane centering. Active from 0 to 100 mph, the system controls the speed of the vehicle and maintains safe distances with vehicles ahead while keeping the vehicle centred in its lane. Particularly useful in heavy traffic, the driver assistance system also stops and starts All-New Clio automatically if the driver does not respond within three seconds.

Across the rest of the range the level of standard safety equipment is incredibly high. All models get lane departure warning and lane keep assist, plus traffic sign recognition with speed alert is also included, as is cruise control with a speed limiter function. Active Emergency Braking is also featured and is bolstered by the latest cyclist and pedestrian detection functionality.

Front, rear and side parking assist is standard on S Edition and R.S. Line models, as is a rear-view camera and automatic high and low beam for the LED headlamps. R.S. Line versions can be ordered with a Techno Pack that includes a 360-degree camera, wireless smartphone charging and Easy Park Assist, which automatically scans the side of the road for a parking space then takes control of the wheel for stress-free parking.

All new Renault cars are covered by a five-year warranty. It features an unlimited mileage limit in the first two years and up to 100,000 miles in the remaining three. E-TECH models are covered by an additional eight-year and 100,000-mile traction battery warranty for extra peace of mind.

The Clio is manufactured at the cutting-edge factory in Bursa, Turkey and was the first Renault model to benefit from new processes that make the company the number one large scale manufacturer for quality. Advanced computer modelling enabled prototypes to be closer to production form than ever before, while new technologies were introduced to improve the quality of the vehicle, including invisible chassis welds and extensive use of lasers for greater attention to detail and more accurate measurements. There were more validation tests for electronic components than previous Clios, while over 930,000 development miles ensure a rigorous and extensive development programme.

30 Years of Clio
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic Renault Clio supermini, the company’s most successful model and best-selling French car of all time.

The Clio was first shown in 1990 at the Paris Motor Show as the replacement to the successful and popular Renault 5. Light, efficient, spacious and comfortable, the Clio’s arrival marked a pivotal moment for Renault and would go on to become a multiple award-winner spanning five generations.

More than 15 million Clios have left production lines around the world over the last 30 years, with more than 1.2 million making their way to UK roads and into the hearts of drivers and passengers alike. It’s not just the UK, though – the Clio is the second
best-selling car in Europe and has been France’s most popular car for 21 of its years on sale.

Over the last 30 years, the Clio has been enhanced with every generation delivering greater comfort, more space, stronger performance, improved efficiency and the latest advanced technology. What’s remained consistent is the Clio’s distinct identity - providing the kind of refinement and appeal of a larger car but delivered in a small package.

The first-generation Clio will bring back memories for many of the iconic Papa and Nicole TV adverts. The first ever Clio brought a new level of French flair and sophistication to small car buyers, and immediately became a hit thanks to its clever packaging and the kind of comfort many would expect from a much larger vehicle. It – along with every model that has followed it – reached such a large number of drivers, passengers, individuals and families who would all go on to have some kind of Clio experience or memory. It’s a story that our latest Clio advert explored with a hugely emotional response as a result. 

The second-generation Clio arrived a more rounded design that was befitting the late 1990s. It grew in size and continued to offer all Clio hallmarks of comfort, space and refinement. 

Of particular note for this model were power steering and fingertip controls for the stereo, while a range of airbags made it safer too. It had its work cut out as the previous model was a sales hit. No problem, the second-generation model received several updates and had its biggest sales year of any Clio in 2002 with more than 86,000 sales in the UK alone.

By the Clio III, there were high standards to maintain. The previous Clio II went through several updates and was a huge success. Luckily, the same approach was made as last time with a new look, a more spacious interior and advances in technology and interior quality. Another hit, the third-generation Clio was awarded European Car of the Year in 2006, 15 years after the original Clio received the same award. In fact, the Clio was the first car to ever drive off with the prestigious title twice.

The Clio IV was a striking departure for Clio design, inspired by the DeZir concept car which stole the show at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, introducing a new design language to the brand. The fourth-gen model featured attractive styling and majored on personalisation – owners could specify a range of colour packs for the interior and exterior. Inside, an entirely new interior layout debuted with Renault’s R-Link touchscreen media system and a world-first bass reflex sound system.

Such was the success of the Clio IV’s design; its replacement features an evolutionary style that adds Renault’s latest design touches with C-shaped lights and full LED lighting for even more emotion. Inside, a revolution has taken place with a new digital experience including a large 9.3-inch portrait screen complemented by the availability of a 10-inch Driver Information Display. As always, the Clio’s refinement and interior quality has been enhanced for the new generation, bringing higher levels of driver comfort and advanced technology to supermini buyers, with all the makings of a great vehicle – just like the original.

Standard features
The All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid specifications are as follows:

Clio Play:
• Multimedia system with Bluetooth, DAB and USB connection
• Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with lane departure warning, lane keep assist, autonomous emergency braking and traffic sign recognition
• Full LED headlamps with automatic illumination
• Air-conditioning
• Cruise control and speed limiter
• Flex 16-inch wheels
• Body coloured door handles and mirrors with automatic folding mirrors

Clio Iconic adds:
• 16-inch diamond cut alloy wheels with black inserts
• 7-inch Easy Link touchscreen with sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
• Handsfree key card
• Rear parking sensors
• Front LED fog lights
• Tinted rear windows

Clio S Edition builds on this with:
• 17-inch Viva Stella grey alloy wheels
• 9.3-inch infotainment screen with satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
• Front parking sensors and rear-view camera
• Automatic high and low beam with automatic wipers
• Climate control • Full C-shape signature lighting
• 7-inch TFT driver information display
• Vision Grey interior styling

Clio R.S. Line gives a sportier look and feel with:
• 17-inch R.S. diamond cut alloys with grey inserts
• R.S. Line exterior pack with specific front bumper with F1 blade painted gunmetal and beehive lower grille, chrome badges with R.S. Line signature
 • Gunmetal grey lower door protectors and rear spoiler
 • R.S. interior trim
 • Perforated leather steering wheel

Finally, the Clio E-TECH Hybrid Edition features some unique extras to mark it out, including a central armrest with storage, with electric parking brake with auto hold and the option of adding the Tech Pack. This adds 360-degree Around View Monitor with handsfree parking and wireless phone charging. There’s also an optional BOSE® premium audio upgrade available. Standard features Grey fabric upholstery with blue stitching.