2019 Renault Arkana

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Groupe Renault confirms its desire to break the rules and become the first general vehicle maker to offer an international Coupé SUV. The production version of Arkana is an all-new C-segment (4.54 m) model with an innovative, distinctive design. Built at the Moscow plant and on sale from this summer on the Russian market, it will contribute to the worldwide expansion of Groupe Renault as part of its strategic Drive the Future plan.

Combining the elegance of a saloon, the sportiness of a coupé and the robustness of an SUV, the Arkana show-car impressed everyone when it was unveiled at the 2018 Moscow Motor Show.

The external design of the production version of the Arkana Coupé SUV differs only slightly from the show-car. It retains the sloping roof line, very high waistline and wide, expressive bumper. The chrome components on the grill and around the windows and C-Shape LED headlights embody the DNA of Renault design, to highlight its elegant appearance.

When it goes on the market in summer 2019, the All-New Renault Arkana Coupé SUV will be offered in a range of 7 bodywork colours and 3 finish levels. It will be fitted with 17-inch tyres.

A modern, comfortable interior

Inside, the Renault Arkana Coupé SUV is all about space, quality, modernity and comfort, due, amongst other features, to materials that are pleasant to the touch, a new multimedia system and the MULTI-SENSE settings.

The central console is equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen interface for the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, which supports Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Yandex Auto. The driver can personalise many of the components with practical, easy-to-use apps. Renault Arkana also has the benefit of MULTI-SENSE technology, which gives the driver a choice of three driving modes (Eco, Sport, My sense) and 8 ambience colours.

This Coupé SUV is fitted with ideal equipment for winter driving - the steering wheel and driver and front passenger's seats are heated. The boot has a dual lighting system and the folding rear seats mean that luggage space can easily be increased from 508 litres to up to 1333 liters.

The Renault engineers have also minimised vibrations and optimised the passenger compartment soundproofing on this new Coupé SUV. And thanks to a new Bose audio system, the passengers in the Renault Arkana are bathed in a high-quality sound approaching that of a live performance.

4-wheel drive for all road conditions

The versatility and sturdiness of the Renault Arkana Coupé SUV on the road are the fruits of the joint efforts of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, and of the Alliance's collaboration with Daimler. It is fitted with a new TCe 150 petrol engine that makes its first appearance on the Russian market. This turbocharged engine delivers 150hp and 250Nm of torque, to combine performance and driving pleasure with market-leading efficiency (7 l/100 km in combined cycle).

This engine is coupled with an X-Tronic gearbox, to provide flexibility and responsive acceleration, and with the smart All Mode 4x4-i 4-wheel drive system developed by the Alliance. This system ensures permanent control of the vehicle's road holding to guarantee optimum traction, whatever the conditions.

This Coupé SUV boasts a reinforced chassis and a ground clearance of 208 mm, one of the highest in the category. Combined with angles of attack and departure of 18° and 25° respectively, it gives the All-New Renault Arkana true off-road and crossover capabilities.

Finally, Renault Arkana has been put through a range of sturdiness and durability tests, including 300,000 km of trials in extreme driving conditions. This rigour ensures optimum comfort, in town or on winding roads, whatever the weather conditions.