2024 Pagani Huayra Epitome

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Pagani Automobili presented the new Huayra Epitome, a unique piece of work from the Grandi Complicazioni division. It is an extraordinary demonstration of Pagani's commitment to taking Hypercars to new levels of prestige, innovation, and customization. This one-off represents the pinnacle of Pagani's current technology available for road-legal cars, in a bespoke vehicle tailored down to the smallest detail.

The project synthesizes the highest level of creative collaboration with the client

«The client came to us with clear ideas: he wanted to create a unique example that would take the Huayra to its highest expression. Its name could only be 'Epitome', as the most essential embodiment of a concept, an idea, a value. He dreamed of a car with an exclusive design that would further elevate the Huayra's performance while maintaining its innate elegance. The creation of every Grandi Complicazioni Hypercar requires close collaboration with the customers, who become the co-creators of the object they dream of. In the initial meetings, the client shared his vision with Horacio Pagani and the team, starting a journey of listening and sharing ideas in perfect harmony to transform thoughts into concrete forms. This phase lasted nine months and led to a final conceptualization, followed by ten months of design work by an expert, multidisciplinary team. It is a long and complex process because developing components dedicated to a single car requires the same time as those for series production cars. However, it is extremely stimulating because working with clients who have a clear vision of what they want allows us to face new challenges with passion and enthusiasm.» (Lorenzo Kerkoc, Head of Pagani Grandi Complicazioni)

The Huayra that synthesizes the highest Pagani technology

The beating heart of the new Huayra Epitome is the Pagani V12 engine, capable of delivering 864 HP (635 kW) at 6,000 rpm at 18°C (64°F), with a torque of 1,100 Nm. Built by AMG according to Pagani specifications, this 5,980 cc twin turbocharger engine features a distribution system that extends the limiter to 6,700 rpm, offering an exhilarating and dynamic performance. To date, the Epitome is the first and only Huayra equipped with a manual transmission, for a pure mechanical driving experience. Thanks to an electronically controlled differential and a racing-style tri-pod driveshaft, the Pagani by Xtrac seven-speed transverse gearbox allows all the power and exceptional responsiveness of the engine to be transferred to the road. The flywheel-clutch unit consists of the latest triple-disc clutch for better torque transmission, with an electronically managed differential and a racing-derived tripod joint system ensuring greater engine responsiveness. Technological research also focused on the suspension, with geometry that reduces dive in acceleration, pitch in braking, and roll in corners. This allows the driver to tackle corners by braking at the last moment, improving vehicle control and safety. Pagani Automobili aims to emphasize driving comfort as one of the most important pursuits in the study and evolution of all its cars, including track cars. Thanks to the new active suspension system of the Huayra Epitome, a "super soft" button is located in the cabin on the central tunnel, to be activated when driving on rough roads for extra comfort. Above 150 km/h (93 mph), the shock absorber setting returns to its normal condition, depending on the driving mode selected.

The lightweight six-way titanium exhaust system creates a sound symphony that accompanies every acceleration, becoming even more captivating when the four-exhaust button located on the central tunnel is pressed. The two additional round-section direct outlets are designed to exploit the blown diffuser principle and generate additional downforce. The forged aluminum alloy monolithic wheels of the Huayra Epitome represent the pinnacle of Pagani's technical knowledge to achieve optimal performance and safety. Designed with an exclusive style inspired by the Imola Coupé from the client's private collection, they feature seven spokes at the front and nine spokes at the rear, with a larger front size than the Huayra Coupé, maintaining the iconic style of the Roadster but with a focus on lightness for track use. Paired with Pirelli P Zero™ Trofeo R tires, they ensure extraordinary grip, completing the performance package of this unique car.

Pure and elegant lines designed to cut through the air like a sharp blade

A clean and elegant design defines the Huayra Epitome, standing out with custom-made elements to meet the demands of tailoring that mark Grandi Complicazioni projects. The all-new front and rear bumper shapes, the front hood with exclusive light clusters and a new wheel arch air extraction system, and the rear hood with oversized side conveyors and integrated wing are just some of the features that make this one-off a timeless piece of design and engineering. The front end features a new bumper with an integrated splitter, designed at the customer's request to increase downforce and balance the car in all driving conditions, accelerating airflow to the inner radiator ducts. The wider mouth allows more airflow to the new inner ducts, optimizing aerodynamics and improving the efficiency of the front radiators. The light units are also exclusive: the Huayra Epitome is the only Pagani one-off to feature four light units installed on the front hood and two DRL elements installed on the bumper, a choice that ensures the exclusivity of the car while enhancing the purity of forms and improving lighting efficiency. The rear has been completely redesigned following the requests from the client, who wanted a hood with an integrated wing, a synthesis of Art and Science: a design that not only improves performance but also elevates aesthetics while maintaining the distinctive elegance of the Huayra. The wing supports organically develop from the side muscles of the hood, creating a unique sculptural element. Thus, all forms give continuity to the car's lines, as if sculpted by the wind. The new aerodynamic profile of the wing, designed according to the Huayra R's studies, aims to optimally balance the car in any driving condition. A new aerodynamic cover for the rear lights has also been designed to reduce airflow resistance, extending the laminar boundary layer over the hood and giving an aggressive and unique look to the car's rear.

The Grandi Complicazioni division

By nature, some technological inventions require such complex designs that they can only be manufactured in very limited quantities, sometimes even as a single unit. The world of Haute Horlogerie calls them Grandes Complications, and Pagani Automobili pays homage to this inspiration for the division dedicated to creating ultra-limited series cars, which feature technologies so complex that only a few master craftsmen can bring to fruition. This division offers an infinite range of customizations, from concepts, shapes, and elements, to materials, colors, and finishes. Every detail is designed in total synergy with the clients, to fulfill every desire and create a completely bespoke work.