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Creative use of space - reinterpreted: MINI celebrates the premiere of the first crossover model for the premium small car segment. The new MINI Aceman combines compact exterior dimensions with as much room as possible for occupants and an all-electric drive. The result is a contemporary interpretation of classic Mini inventor Sir Alec Issigonis' underlying vision: maximum utilisation of space with a minimum footprint combined with a modern drive concept. The progressive design of the new MINI Aceman provides space for five comfortable seats within a vehicle length of just over four metres. MINI draws on innovative technologies to enhance the interior with an immersive digital user experience, while the MINI Aceman's all-electric drive gives a fresh boost to the characteristic MINI go-kart feeling. Combined with modern assistance systems and hallmark design, traditional brand values pave the way for an all-electric MINI future.

"The MINI Aceman brings a new level of excitement to our all-electric lineup, packed with a truly enjoyable immersive digital experience," says Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI. "The MINI Aceman is perfect for navigating crowded city streets, while maintaining the versatility and functionality of a Crossover and the Go Kart feeling you can expect from a MINI. I am certain that the sleek design, the performance, and the versatility as a 5-seater Crossover, will make the MINI Aceman a resounding success."

From the outside, the MINI Aceman embodies sporty agility and a self-assured presence. The vehicle architecture of the new crossover model is based on a fully electric drive concept.


Measuring just under four metres in length, the new MINI Aceman has five seats and a versatile luggage compartment with a load volume of 300 litres, while numerous adjustment options enable this capacity to be extended individually to as much as 1,005 litres. With a predicted range of up to 406 kilometres in the WLTP test cycle, the MINI Aceman is perfectly equipped for locally emission-free mobility beyond the city limits, too.

New design style "Charismatic Simplicity"

The entire new MINI family features a clear, reduced design, giving the various models a contemporary look that exudes effortless assurance. The minimalist design style of the MINI Aceman also powerfully conveys its progressive character.

"The MINI Aceman is a strong character with his own young personality within the new MINI family. It has an independent design language, is compact and looks agile. With its distinctive expression, it is the perfect everyday companion for those who value individuality in urban areas." emphasizes Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design

The exterior - Expressive crossover with compact proportions

With its striking front-end, robust contours and athletic stance, the sporty MINI crossover model epitomises agility and self-assured presence. Measuring 4.07 metres in length, 1.75 metres in width and 1.50 metres in height, the MINI Aceman is positioned between the MINI Cooper and the MINI Countryman.

Featuring a streamlined front, short overhangs and the functional two-box design, the brand's hallmark "Clever Use of Space" design principle has been given a new, distinctive character, while the all-electric drive opens up a whole range of fresh possibilities in terms of vehicle design. Creative space utilisation ensures the new MINI Aceman is agile and nimble in urban traffic while at the same time providing ample room for occupants.

Continuous surfaces give centre stage to the expressive and elegant colours of the body. The versatile and adventurous character of the MINI Aceman is emphasised by the standard roof rails, visually accentuated wheels in sizes from 17" to 19", and underride protection at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle.

Modern front-end design with striking LED headlights

The front-end design of the MINI Aceman conveys a powerful presence, reinterpreting typical MINI design elements such as the expressive headlights and the characteristic front grille. Its remodelled, octagonal shape builds on the traditional underlying theme of the hexagon. The grille surround in the MINI Aceman extends into the solid underride protection on the front apron. In the new Vibrant Silver finish or in high-gloss Jet Black, the front grille sets highly contrasting accents, helping to make the crossover model instantly identifiable.

With their individual design, the car's angular LED headlights also lend emphasis to the distinctive standing of the MINI Aceman within the MINI model family. Their shape is perpetuated in the clarity of the bonnet design with its precise lines, giving the front of the vehicle its distinctive character. The daytime running light elements of the LED headlights can be switched to three different modes, underpinning the expressive character of this new MINI family member.

Distinctive body design with eye-catching details

The surface design of the MINI Aceman contributes to the clarity and freshness of the new model's aesthetic style. Tautly stretched body surfaces are accentuated by precise lines and robust angles. While making a progressive statement, this eye-catching styling of the MINI Aceman also forges a link to the brand's history, enabling it to be instantly identified as a MINI.

The classic tripartite division of body, surrounding window graphics and roof has been reinterpreted. In keeping with idea of reducing everything to the essentials, a flush transition between the vehicle body and glass surfaces optimises the car's aerodynamic properties. Flat integrated door openers emphasise the progressive expression of the MINI Aceman, while diagonal contours in the body below the A-pillars echo the weld crease of the classic Mini models in the front area of the side panels. Harmonious surfaces and horizontal lines between the wheel arches create an intriguing waistline, giving the vehicle body its unmistakable dynamic flair. The strikingly shaped wheel arches with their long rearward sweep and relatively steep downturn are an entirely unique feature of the MINI Aceman within the MINI Family. Sills in matt black round off the design of the side view towards the road, and their shape is carried on into the door area, giving the vehicle body a slim, upright and athletic appearance.

The rear of the vehicle reflects clarity of design, featuring large horizontal surfaces that emphasise the vehicle's broad and stable stance. The aerodynamically bevelled and retracted rear window ensures a pronounced, powerful shoulder section, an effect that is further emphasised by the elongated roof spoiler. The hallmark MINI upright rear lights frame the centre section of the rear of the vehicle. With three distinctive graphics, the Matrix rear lights bear out the character of the MINI Aceman in differing ways. A wide, dark surround at the lower edge of the rear apron and the underride protection element integrated in the centre make for sporty proportions, thereby conveying the crossover model's versatile characteristics.

Expressive body finishes and four individual trims

The subtle three-dimensional quality of the body surfaces is stylishly highlighted by means of expressive colours. Shadows cast by the accentuated bodywork can be perceived to varying degrees, depending on the incidence of light and perspective. In combination with four contrasting finishes for the roof in hallmark MINI style, this conveys the expressive character of the MINI Aceman with particular clarity.

The MINI Aceman is available in four different trims. An oblong-shaped badge in the design of the respective equipment variant is attached to the front area of the side sill. The Essential Trim presents maximum clarity and a reduced overall appearance, highlighting certain functional parts such as the logo in the new Vibrant Silver finish. In connection with the Classic Trim, the contrasting roof and exterior mirrors can be selected in black or white. The front grille is finished in high-gloss black, while the inner surface of the grille and the bumper are finished in body colour.

The Favoured Trim extends the individual expressive capabilities of the MINI Aceman to include the option of the characteristic Multitone Roof, combined with white mirror caps and a grille frame in Vibrant Silver. The maximum sporty flair of the new crossover model is particularly evident in the JCW Trim. This equipment variant inspired by motorsports has its very own distinctive front and rear design. The front grille is featuring a frame and the variant-specific JCW logo in high-gloss black, while a contrasting roof in Chili Red and red bonnet stripes underline the powerful overall appearance. Meanwhile the rear sculpture is much more muscular in shape and the all-round panelling is finished in high-gloss black.

Various aerodynamic wheel rim designs in sizes between 17 inches and 19 inches further complement the exterior equipment options available for the MINI Aceman.

The interior - Purist design and wide-ranging material concept

The new MINI design style "Charismatic Simplicity" is expressed particularly clearly in the interior. With its consistent reduction in terms of interior design, the MINI Aceman follows the original vision of Alec Issigonis, the inventor of the classic Mini. With its easy-to-handle steering wheel, a central OLED display and the remodelled hallmark toggle bar, the cockpit echoes three key design elements of the classic Mini. By means of this contemporary styling in the entirely new crossover model, MINI transports the history of the brand into the here and now.

Spacious door interiors along with comfortable dimensions in the shoulder area and convenient legroom give the bright cockpit an open and amply proportioned atmosphere, while the panoramic glass roof enhances this effect by providing additional light from above. In the dark, the ambient lighting along the roof frame creates the selected lighting mood in the interior. The free-standing door handles and the speaker covers in the new Vibrant Silver finish are aligned diagonally and create a fascinating contrast with the horizontal design in the front area of the cockpit.

The gentle, rounded design style of the interior is further reflected in the curved surfaces of the dashboard: the latter's surface is covered with a knitted material in which the lower colour shines through the upper one. This gives the interior a homely character with starkly accentuated colour contrasts. Extending to the interior door trim, the easy-care, versatile structure is made of recycled polyester. Rounding off the high-quality fittings in the cockpit are comfortable seats, optionally featuring a textile surface or made of perforated Vescin.

The amply sized rear of the vehicle offers space for three passengers. Thanks to the 60:40 folding rear seat backrest, the luggage compartment can be extended from 300 litres to up to 1,005 litres as required.

High-resolution OLED display for contemporary ride comfort

With innovative technologies, the circular OLED display lends the interior additional expressive quality. With a diameter of 240 mm, the central instrument features an extremely flat design and a high-quality glass surface. The innovative MINI Operating System 9 enables all driving functions to be operated intuitively by touch or voice. A centre for both comfort and experience, the MINI Interaction Unit is handled in a similar way to a smartphone.

The graphic presentation of the vehicle-related data is contemporary and minimalistic in style, with the speed and battery status shown prominently at the top of the display, directly in the driver's field of vision. Tapping the speed display opens a large full-screen speedometer that clearly focuses on the driving experience. The other widgets are shown in thumbnail view in the Home menu, to the left and right of the current menu function. These can be moved to the centre and selected by means of a horizontal swiping movement. In the lower area of the OLED display, the menu items Navigation, Media, Telephone and Climate can be selected directly at any time.

MINI Experience Modes enhance the driving experience

The emotional MINI Experience Modes enhance the interior with immersive user experiences. In the MINI Aceman, two projector units beam special illuminated graphics onto the dashboard with differing patterns and colours. Changes are made to the colour scheme of the light patterns and to the ambient lighting in the entire interior depending on the Experience Mode selected. The newly created MINI Driving Sounds enhance the experience of all-electric mobility. Together with specific graphic elements on the OLED display, vehicle occupants enjoy an entirely new driving experience in the interior of the MINI Aceman.

Among the eight modes available for selection, Personal Mode offers innovative options for customising the cockpit. In this mode, a personally selected image can be uploaded from a smartphone via the MINI app and chosen as the display background. A digital colour picker then identifies the dominant colours of the photo for projection onto the textile dashboard surfaces. The ambient lighting under the dashboard and in the door mirror is also colour-coded to match these projections.

The other modes available for selection are Go-Kart Mode, Vivid Mode, Core Mode, Green Mode, Timeless Mode, Balance Mode and Trail Mode, each of which focusses the display on a "Mode App" to match the ambience. In Go-Kart Mode there is a highly dynamic focus on MINI's racing DNA, for example. The display and the interior as a whole then feature the colours anthracite and red, while specific analogue displays for driving dynamics complement this MINI Experience Mode inspired by John Cooper Works.

Typical MINI: historic toggle bar in a new design

In the classic Mini, the feel of the toggle bar at the centre of the cockpit enhanced the emotional connection between driver and vehicle. MINI also draws on this characteristic equipment detail to transport brand history into the latest of its models. The most important driving functions (parking brake, gear selector, start/stop key, experience mode toggle, volume control) are directly accessible in the MINI Aceman via five individually designed toggles. This means that no additional gear selector is required, making room for practical and spacious storage options in the centre console. In addition to the cup holders, there is an additional tray for wirelessly charging smartphones.

Four individual equipment options

All the models of the new MINI family feature four trims with individual customisation options, each conveying the contemporary feel-good concept in the interior of the MINI Aceman in a different way.

In the Essential Trim, the interior is designed with maximum clarity and a reduction of equipment details. Black sports seats with distinctly patterned multitone textile harmonise with a coloured textile inlay on the dashboard. From the Classic trim upwards, the two-spoke basic steering wheel is replaced by a three-spoke steering wheel with a textile band in differing colours. In addition, the equipment variant with a black and blue knitted surface on the dashboard and doors provides a diversified contrast to the seats in high-quality fabric or Vescin.

In the Favoured Trim, the interior features a strikingly expressive design. The dashboard comes in the elegant Dark Petrol, complemented by an accentuated colour gradient in orange on the passenger side. The dynamic appearance is further reflected in the sports seats made of perforated Vescin. These are available with traditional accent stitching and an embroidered MINI logo in two colours. The JCW Trim presents the versatile material concept of the MINI Aceman in maximum sporty style. The JCW seat with sports seat geometry and additional lateral support noticeably enhances comfort. Combined with multi-coloured knitted textile and black synthetic leather with red stitching, the colour concept echoes the design of the dashboard and door trim.

Simplified communication with the first MINI voice assistant

The brand's first fully-fledged voice assistant can be activated in the MINI Aceman by saying "Hey MINI!". Alternatively, the push-to-talk steering wheel button is also available for this purpose. Voice-controlled interaction is visualised on the circular OLED display by means of an animation of graphic elements, typography and an avatar. Communication with the virtual travel partner - either a stylised MINI or the character "Spike" - is particularly fluent and intuitive thanks to improved speech recognition. Navigation, telephony, entertainment and numerous vehicle functions can be controlled simply and conveniently by speaking the relevant command.

The MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant learns continuously through dialogue and is able to take on day-to-day tasks on repeated routes. Based on geo-based data, for example, the vehicle can identify the entrance to a multi-storey car park and automatically open the window. This means that individual routines can be handled more conveniently.

Advanced assistance systems increase safety

Driving Assistant Plus provides the MINI Aceman with an additional steering and lane assistant for lateral guidance. Convenient and cooperative steering helps the driver stay on track. The increased comfort offered by the system combines relaxed and superior control of the vehicle while relieving the driver of the monotonous and less demanding aspects of driving. The clear-cut appearance of the displays, operating elements and easy-to-understand functional features result in a high degree of system security. The new Trailer Assistant helps when manoeuvring into a parking space with a trailer as standard, also offering advice on the required steering wheel angle when reversing.

Thanks to twelve ultrasonic sensors and four Surround View cameras, the MINI Aceman is able to identify vacant parking spaces with greater precision, automatically initiating parking manoeuvres where space is limited, while the new Remote Parking function of the optional Parking Assistant Pro enables the vehicle to be parked using a smartphone. This function allows the MINI Aceman to be driven out of a parking space automatically, making it easier to get into the vehicle if space to the side is too limited.

The innovative MINI Digital Key Plus option likewise utilises the user's smartphone to ensure a convenient and personalised vehicle experience, transforming the smartphone into a vehicle key. The front and rear lights start the welcome projection as soon as the driver is less than three metres away, and the doors unlock automatically. Replacing the conventional vehicle key, the digital key can be transferred to several users.

Convenient connectivity and intuitive interaction

The modern aesthetics of the digital user interface in the MINI Aceman combine functional and emotional elements. Its minimalist design adapts the new graphics to the circular shape of the MINI Interaction Unit, simplifying operation by means of a clear structure. Static and dynamic elements combined with micro-animations ensure that the interaction between the driver and the central instrument is harmonious and intuitive. This emphatically digital character of the MINI Aceman is enabled by the MINI Operating System 9.

At the centre of the screen is the start menu, while at the bottom of the screen the fixed status bar can be seen with the menu items "Navigation", "Media", "Telephony", "All Apps" and, in certain situations, "Home" - all of which can be selected directly. As customers are used to from numerous consumer electronics devices, a so-called toolbelt can be made to appear by swiping upwards from the bottom edge of the screen. Preferred functions such as navigation destinations and radio stations can be saved for quick retrieval at any time. The toolbelt can also be activated via the star button on the multifunction steering wheel. The upper screen area is reserved for driving-related content such as speed and important vehicle status information. The optional head-up display presents the most important information in the driver's line of sight.

The temperature is shown permanently for the driver and front passenger at the left and right-hand edge of the screen. The climate settings are always integrated at the top level of the MINI Interaction Unit and are operated by either touch or voice. Depending on the Experience Mode, a single tap on the speed display transforms the entire MINI Interaction Unit into a typical MINI speedometer.

MINI Connected upgrades allow additional driving functions to be activated flexibly at any time, including an optional augmented reality function that is able to visualise complicated turning situations realistically and in three-dimensional display, for example. In conjunction with the optionally available MINI Connected Package, the digital MINI Connected Store provides access to a constantly evolving variety of practical and entertaining apps, including in the area of gaming, music and video streaming. The new AirConsole app offers a unique form of in-car gaming for all passengers, turning the user's smartphone into a game controller on the OLED display.

All-electric and efficient

The MINI Aceman is available solely with an all-electric drive, enabling locally emission-free mobility. The efficient electric motor ensures hallmark MINI driving fun both in urban areas and on excursions beyond the city limits. At market launch, the new MINI Aceman will be available in the MINI Aceman E version and also as the MINI Aceman SE with increased output.

The 135 kW/184 hp electric motor of the MINI Aceman E generates a torque of 290 Nm, accelerating the car from standstill to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds and reaching a top speed of 160 km/h. With an output of 160 kW/218 hp, the MINI Aceman SE generates a torque of 330 Nm, enabling the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 170 km/h.

With an energy content of 42.5 kWh, the battery of the MINI Aceman E achieves a range of 310 kilometres in the WLTP test cycle. The high-voltage battery of the MINI Aceman SE has an energy content of 54.2 kWh, giving it a range of 406 kilometres according to the WLTP.

Sporty agility and outstanding driving dynamics

Its chassis gives the new MINI Aceman a sporty character, and this is also reflected in the driving fun that is typical of the brand. The tyres with a diameter of 654 mm give the vehicle a more powerful visual presence, enhancing driving dynamics and ride comfort in equal measure. The Aceman is equipped with a precise damping system that features highly prestressed stabilisers: these improve steering precision and accuracy while at the same time ensuring sound roll support. The precise adjustment of the steering and all driving stability control systems to either comfortable or sporty driving guarantees an exceptional driving experience in every situation. The response of the electric drive to pressure on the accelerator pedal is optimised for a sporty driving style.

Meanwhile, agile and dynamic handling is emphasised by the direct steering, with a rack ratio of 59.5 mm rack travel per turn of the steering wheel. Combined with a short and firm feel when braking, the integrated braking system increases ride comfort by means of reliable stabilisation. In conjunction with the numerous driver assistance systems, short braking distances increase safety.

The MINI Experience Modes with various suspension set-ups are available for a customised driving experience, while driving fun can be intensified by adjusting the steering response and also specially calibrated intervention limits for the traction control.

Quick and easy: charging the battery

The battery of the MINI Aceman can be charged via alternating current with 11 kW. Fast charging with direct current is possible in the MINI Aceman E with 75 kW and in the Aceman SE with up to 95 kW. At a fast charging station, this allows the battery to be charged from 10 per cent to 80 per cent in just under 30 minutes. When MINI Navigation is activated, the high-voltage battery can be set to the ideal temperature for efficient charging in advance, depending on weather conditions. This significantly reduces charging time, especially in cold outdoor temperatures.

For a transparent and simple charging process, the customer can optimise vehicle battery charging by means of easy-to-understand setting options. The start time for charging can be selected or a specific time window for charging can be set, for example. A precise target level for battery capacity can be determined in advance, too. For a particularly pleasant start, charging can be set to be completed by a selected departure time, and the vehicle interior can be air-conditioned to the desired temperature by this time. The MINI App provides a convenient overview of the charging process, even if the customer is not near the vehicle. This provides details of the current battery status, a charging-optimised route plan, and charging history to date - including all costs and savings.