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With perfectly balanced overall proportions, a loving and high-quality attention to detail in its design, the latest generation of MBUX and a model range that is rigorously geared to customer wishes, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class brings something special to the compact segment and offers customers class for every day. The A-Class remains available both as a Hatchback and as a Saloon.

Sporty, muscular exterior

Even from the front, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class conveys power and dynamism. The front view is dominated by the forward-sloping bonnet with its two power bulges and steep 'shark nose', the redesigned radiator grille with star pattern and the flat headlamps, available as an option in an LED variant. The sporty character is underlined by externally flush wheels with four additional rim designs in sizes up to 19 inches, including optional high-gloss black painted light-alloy wheels in multi-spoke design and with a high-gloss rim flange for the AMG Line. The new rear diffuser and the standard LED rear lights ensure a fascinating and emotionally appealing appearance by both day and night. The high-class exterior is perfectly complemented by an attractive choice of exterior paintwork: A variety of non-metallic/metallic and MANUFAKTUR paint finishes are available.

Individual interior with high-tech

Exclusiveness is also reflected in the interior of the new A-Class. The absolute highlight is the standard freestanding dual-screen display with a 7-inch and the larger 10.25-inch display taking centre stage. Optional are two 10.25-inch displays that seem to float with their wide-screen look. The internal architecture, which is unique in this class, gives rise to a very special lighting ambience that is perhaps reminiscent of the illumination of a futuristic building at night. The three round turbine-look air vents, so typical of Mercedes-Benz, are a homage to the world of aviation. The revised steering wheel of the current steering wheel generation, in nappa leather as standard, is compact and matches the high-tech character of the redesigned centre console.

Inside, too, the model range covers all individualisation wishes: even in the base variant of the new A-Class, Mercedes-Benz offers a high-quality comfort seat whose new, three-dimensionally embossed ARTICO upholstery further emphasises the sportiness of the vehicle. The Progressive trim level offers three different interior colours: black, a luxurious-looking beige and the new, zeitgeisty sage grey. A new, dark carbon-fibre look trim element further enhances both the instrument panel and the doors in these models. The AMG Line is designed for performance and features bright brushed aluminium trim and red contrasting topstitching in the ARTICO/MICROCUT seats.

In its Ambition 2039, Mercedes-Benz has set itself the goal of launching a CO2-neutral fleet of new passenger cars and vans from 2039 across the entire value chain and life cycle. The aim is to at least halve CO2 emissions per passenger car in the new vehicle fleet over the entire life cycle compared to 2020 by the end of this decade. One measure is the use of recycled materials. For this reason, the composition of all materials to be used was also reviewed during the design of the new B-Class and possibilities for more sustainable alternatives examined. The comfort seats feature fabrics in the centre section that are made from 100 percent recycled material. In the case of ARTICO/MICROCUT seats, this proportion is 65 percent in the surface of the seat and 85 percent in the material underneath.

Significantly upgraded equipment

Even in its standard specification, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class offers many included features, for example a reversing camera, the USB Package or the steering wheel in nappa leather. From the Progressive trim level upwards, customers can also look forward to LED headlamps, a seat with lumbar support, the Parking Package and the Mirror Package as standard.

Overall, Mercedes has again significantly simplified the offer logic for the equipment packages in order to reduce the time-consuming selection of many individual options. Functional features that are frequently ordered together are now bundled into equipment packages on the basis of actual buyer behaviour. Further functional options are available in addition. Where design options such as paint finish, upholstery, trim and wheels are concerned, customers can still configure their vehicles individually as before.

More digital, smarter, safer

In the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, both hardware and software have taken a major leap forward: the latest generation of MBUX is intuitive to operate and capable of learning. The driver and central displays create a holistic, aesthetic experience and can be customised as desired with the help of the newly designed display styles (Classic with all relevant driver information, Sporty with the dynamic rev counter, Discreet with reduced content), three modes (Navigation, Assistance, Service) and seven colour worlds. The central display offers all previous functions such as navigation, media, phone, vehicle, etc. and can be operated directly and conveniently as a touchscreen.

The telematics system has been revised and impresses with its new design and improved performance. Another new feature is the integration of a fingerprint sensor (expected to be available from the 1st quarter of 2023) for the identification and authorisation of the driver. Of course, connectivity with smartphones is possible via Apple Carplay or Android Auto Wireless, and for further connectivity an additional USB-C port has been added and the USB charging capacity increased once again.

With the activation of online services in the Mercedes me App the Hey Mercedes voice assistant in the new A-Class is now even more capable of dialogue and learning. For example, certain actions can also be triggered without the activation term "Hey Mercedes". The MBUX voice assistant can also explain vehicle functions and provides support when you want to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or search for the first-aid kit.

Initially available exclusively in Germany, the new audio travel guide "Tourguide", part of the "MBUX Voice Assistant" from Mercedes me, adds an exciting feature to the previous travel information functions. In response to the voice command "Hey Mercedes, start Tourguide", the MBUX infotainment system reads out extensive information about points of interest along the route and reacts to the approximately 3400 brown tourist information signs along the German motorways, among other things.

The new A-Class has also been given an update in terms of safety assistance. With the upgrade of the Driver Assistance Package, for example, the control of the Lane Keeping Assist is much more comfortable by using the Active Steering Control. The next generation of the Parking Package supports longitudinal parking and offers, among other things, 360-degree visualisation for camera-assisted parking using 3D images.

Electrified and powerful drives

The new A-Class has also received an update with respect to its engines. The petrol engine range has been electrified throughout and includes four-cylinder units with a 7- or 8-speed DCT automatic as standard. As mild hybrids, these are equipped with an additional 48-volt electrical system that supports agility when starting off with 10 kW more power.

The new belt-driven starter-generator (RSG) noticeably improves the comfort and experience for customers of the new A-Class. During starting operations, for example, the RSG ensures a lower-vibration and quieter start than conventional starters. In addition, it allows 'sailing' with the combustion engine switched off during steady cruising. During braking and overrun, the RSG recuperates and thus supplies the 12-volt on-board network and the 48-volt battery. The energy thus generated can be used during acceleration processes to support the combustion engine. Through the differentiated evaluation of the various driving phases, the ECO Score 3.0, newly introduced for some engines, also motivates the driver to drive in a more fuel-efficient way.

More power for plug-in hybrids

The new A-Class takes another big step with the plug-in hybrid drives. The high-voltage battery has been improved once again, so that the higher usable energy content leads to an increase in the electric range. The power of the electric motor has been increased by 5 kW and now reaches a driveline power of 80 kW. As far as charging is concerned, there are still three options available: in addition to the 3.7 kW standard, the improved battery can now also be charged with alternating current and up to 11 kW, instead of only 7.4 kW as before. The new A-Class also continues to offer the option of charging the battery with direct current and up to 22 kW. A DC charge from 10% to 80% takes around 25 minutes, providing a versatile charging experience suitable for everyday use.