2020 McLaren 720S by Prior Design

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Wide-build body kit for the McLaren 720S
1 of 10 – limited edition wide-build body kit on the British mid-engine sports car

The German specialists from PRIOR DESIGN in Kamp-Lintfort on the Lower Rhine are known the world over for their exclusive and sensational wide body kits. Hardly surprising, after all, the wide-build bodies are always distinguished by their outstanding quality and their all-round harmonious looks, which always perfectly complement the original lines of the respective base cars. However, PRIOR DESIGN is now entering the next level of exclusivity. The latest kit, which is in every respect inspiring, is designed for drivers of no less a vehicle than the fascinating McLaren 720S.
This makes the English mid-engine sports car even more unique and attracts attention magically with its incomparable look.
PRIOR DESIGN guarantees the kit its absolutely exceptional rarity value by strictly limiting the number of units – worldwide only ten 720Ss will be equipped with the wide body!
Even in its standard design, the McLaren is extremely wide and burly; a fact that is visually accentuated by the low vehicle height. This is where PRIOR DESIGN skillfully came in and developed widely flared fender extensions – these are six-part at the front and two-part at the rear, giving the sports coupé an even more powerful appearance and guaranteeing a lasting impression!
The kit is complemented by a diffuser and a large spoiler for the rear as well as a set of side skirts. To round things off, a new hood, the spoiler lip and lateral cup fenders at the front provide a more striking and aggressive face and even more overtaking prestige. The significantly enlarged wheel arches provide space for perfectly fitting PRIOR custom rims measuring 9x20" and 12x21". A set of coil springs, available for €1,299, ensures the car is lowered accordingly.
The ten units of the 720S body kit are sold exclusively as a complete package including installation or mounting. Each part fitted is provided with a corresponding serial number, which indicates the limited edition. In addition, all components come with a certificate that confirms their certified top quality.