2024 Maserati MCXtrema

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The official name MCXtrema is reminiscent of the Maserati MC20 base model - the "first of its kind", a super sports car entirely made in Italy that has marked the beginning of the brand's new era. It also pays homage to the strong legacy of Maserati Corse, along with the concept of the extreme, which recalls the superlative soul of this outstanding four-wheeled marvel.

The concept behind this unique product is the idea of unleashing a true racing "beast", something different and disruptive compared with anything that has ever been done before. A car designed to impress and to ignite passion for extreme racing with its fine design and mind-blowing performance.

MCXtrema is the brand's new creation that expresses the essence of Maserati Corse; a car raring to take up Maserati's many sporting success and proud tradition in the racing world. A project conceived to ignite passion on the world's most exhilarating bends, which have seen the likes of world-famous racing champions.

The result of a desire for success, advanced engineering and innovation, with a focus on speed, elegance, style, and luxury, it showcases Maserati's unmatched engine power, bold design and exceptional capabilities.

Maserati MCXtrema follows on from the glorious MC12's on-track experience. The baton is now being passed to an awe-inspiring new car, developed for a highly select target audience and geared towards ultimate, over-the-top performance and the excitement that only a perfect combination of mechanics and design can deliver.

In the MCXtrema, technological innovation achieves cutting-edge design, whilst ensuring exclusivity, a key prerequisite for a truly distinctive model.


It was with the specific attitude of creating art through science and with perfection as the sole objective that the Maserati Centro Stile conceived the MCXtrema, using the freedom of not having to comply with the constraints of a street-legal car, in order to create a completely different and unique "beast" for track-use only. The result is an absolutely unprecedented and innovative mix of purposeful beauty, essential design and uncompromising aerodynamics, creating the perfect balance between guaranteed maximum grip on the track, sporting spirit and remarkable performance.


The main body of the Maserati MCXtrema can basically be drawn with three lines resulting from the intersection of the front and rear body; this results in a marked division between the two components that incorporate various functions such as the air vents for the radiators and those for the rear brakes. The intersection also generates the shape of the C-pillar, creating an aerodynamic tunnel with the main body and housing the fuel cap within.

The number three and the Trident's reinterpretation are a constant in the style of the MCXtrema.

The front features a bold design, maintaining the typical Maserati architecture. Designed to increase the aerodynamic performance of the front, it incorporates a generous splitter, conceived to provide high levels of downforce to the front axle.

The front bonnet area features aerodynamic channels that embody the shape of the Trident. The aerodynamic features on the front and sides are designed to improve the car's aerodynamic flow.

The large air scoop is connected to the adjustable wing by a central fin that runs along the entire bonnet. With their unique and characteristic Maserati design, the taillights are reminiscent of the Trident.

In the upper part of the rear, a mesh with a dedicated design has been created to facilitate the cooling of the car, whereas in the lower area a large aerodynamic extractor takes centre stage.

The monocoque chassis is made of ultralight carbon fibre. Everything is designed to optimise lines and volumes and to compress the body of the car, keeping it as close to the track as possible. In every aspect, the MCXtrema embodies pure aerodynamics, created to be synonymous with exclusive and innovative design.


The interior design of the Maserati MCXtrema is based on three pillars:

  • Minimalism - As a first step, the interior was cleared of anything superfluous. Remaining lightweight is paramount. The safety cage ensures protection for the driver and the car's great rigidity.
  • Driver immersion - The focus is on the driver. Each element of the interior has been designed as a racing car where the final result recalls the single-seater's cockpit. Each instrument is perfectly symmetrical, including the split command console based on the carbon fibre structure, which follows the driver's door when opened, to facilitate entry and exit.
  • Destructure - Each driver contact zone is broken up and characterised by ergonomic pads that provide comfort where needed. The seat and knee area are always protected from possible impacts with the driver.

The "naked effect" is extremely sporty and is further accentuated by the dashboard, which has been completely rid of all superfluous plastic, revealing a purpose-built crossbeam, finished perfectly in every aspect, which becomes an aesthetic element and a major feature. The heritage reference to the brand's past is strong; iconic classic cars like the Birdcage recall great, inspiring and functional design.

The steering wheel is definitely a star in the MCXtrema. A masterpiece both in terms of functionality, with its 5-inch central display, buttons and rotary selectors, ultra-ergonomic grip, and in terms of design. The carbon and aluminium structure give the steering wheel an extremely high-quality technical appearance, which fits perfectly with the car's vocabulary. A modern, semi-transparent shield provides the finishing touch.


The Maserati MCXtrema's cockpit design has been driven by the specific needs of the customer, aiming to achieve the utmost performance and emotions from its unique track "toy".

First and foremost, the track requires safety

The heart of the package is a racing seat with 6-point belts and roll cage (both FIA-homologated), to protect the driver whatever happens on the track. Additional safety nets, a fire extinguisher and integrated safety roof hatch complete the specifications.

The track also means control

Ergonomics are the focus of all the attention placed on so many aspects of the cockpit design: the definition of the driver position, the adjustable pedal box and steering column, the position of all the controls and the visibility of all the labels have been meticulously researched and released to guarantee the quickest and easiest access to everything that facilitates driving on the track and high performance. The field of view and rear view camera display have also been designed according to a track-only approach, oriented to maximise the control of the surroundings while smashing lap times.

Above all, the track means performance

The driver will have immediate access to different settings, from steering calibration to traction control levels, from brake balance to engine strategies, allowing for a perfect fit to any driving style and any track or weather configuration.

From the cockpit, it will also be easy to manage the pit limiter, box communications, and to display lap time data, car parameters and settings.

The track can also be synonymous with comfort in a Maserati

The air conditioning system and its efficient vent positioning come together to assist driving performance by maintaining the flow of fresh air to the driver. The display brightness is adjustable, and the labels on the console and steering wheel are UV reactive to allow perfect visibility in all light conditions.

The passenger seat is optional, to share an extreme racing experience.


The perfect shape of the Maserati MCXtrema created by the Centro Stile converges with the engineering requirement of efficient aerodynamics for every track configuration.

Every corner, every straight, every speed has its optimal "aeromap" - the loads the body and its aerodynamic extensions generate on the car's four wheels and the forces that impact the car itself in terms of its aerodynamics.

The convergence between the Centro Stile and engineering teams is focused on optimising these loads and reducing resistant forces.

The result is impressive and means the driver can make the most of its supremely powerful engine, as well as the car's suspension and tyres.

All the components are driven by the same aerodynamic efficiency:

  • The front splitter, which maximises the downforce and allows for precise handling
  • The rear wing, adjustable and mounted on two pylons on the rear frame
  • The shark fin, which provides stability on corners and improves rear wing efficiency
  • The sculptural rear diffuser
  • Minimal ride heights and fully flat underfloor, which enhance the airflow effect

Aerodynamics also means the way the air is conducted to the engine's airbox and to the cooling system for the engine, gearbox and brakes. Such a level of power and performance on the track requires tremendous attention on the airbox, brake discs, radiator and exchangers in terms of a decent amount of air flow. The challenge for efficiency has been taken up by the Centro Stile, with outstanding results.

Chassis and suspension

The Maserati MCXtrema's uncompromising on-track handling is the result of strong technical assets and in-depth engineering development, aimed at emphasising the full power of the Nettuno engine and the car's great aerodynamic design.

  • Its ultra-light carbon fibre monocoque offers cutting-edge torsional and bending rigidity
  • The new double-wishbone suspension geometry and kinematics have been designed in the Maserati Innovation Lab simulator, with the driver in the loop to master all possible track conditions
  • The specific four-way racing dampers, springs and antiroll bar can all be fully adjusted and tuned up for every track environment
  • The carbon fibre racing brake system is adapted to extreme track usage
  • Electric power steering calibrations defined to give the driver the best feeling to match their driving style


The Maserati MCXtrema's hidden treasure is the twin-turbo V6 Nettuno powerhouse, designed to mark Maserati's momentous return to racing. Featuring new turbochargers and a remarkable power-to-weight ratio of approximately 1.8kg/hp, it roars as it exalts its amazing mechanicals. The Maserati Engine Hub's engineers have pushed the boundaries of the 3.0-L Maserati Nettuno V6 engine, to achieve outstanding figures of 730 hp (540kW) peak power and 730 Nm max torque.

This was made possible by the already innovative technological features of the Nettuno engine seen in the Maserati MC20: the patented Maserati Twin Combustion system with its innovative pre-chamber combustion system and twin spark plugs.

Maximum power (around 110 hp more than the MC20) is reached at 7500 rpm, while maximum torque is already available from 3000 rpm. High-performance combustion calibration, with a specific focus on injection and ignition strategies to upgrade the Maserati twin combustion to the max, together with new turbochargers and racing exhaust line allows for an increase in power density to a more than exceptional 240 hp/L.

Such explosive power is just waiting to be unleashed for mind-blowing racing performance: 100% motorsport double-wishbone suspension, carbon racing braking system, six-speed sequential racing gearbox with a racing clutch and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters for exhilarating cornering, as well as rear-wheel drive with a limited-slip mechanical self-locking differential.

Technical specifications and features

  • Vehicle
    • Single-seater non-road-homologated race car
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 5,199 mm
    • Width: 2,045 mm (w/o rear view mirrors)
    • Dry weight: approx. 1,300 kg
  • Chassis
    • Ultra-light carbon fibre central monocoque
    • FIA-homologated safety roll-cage (FIA Art. 277)
    • FIA-homologated FT3 120-litre fuel tank
    • Air jack system (4)
  • Brakes
    • Ventilated carbon fibre racing brakes
    • Brake-bias remote adjuster
    • Latest adjustable racing ABS
  • Engine
    • Water-cooled V6 90° twin turbo engine (rear-mounted) based on MC20 Nettuno engine
    • Displacement: 2,992 cc
    • Bore/Stroke: 88 mm x 82 mm
    • Maximum output: 730 hp (540kW)
    • Maximum torque: 730 Nm
    • MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion)
    • Dry-sump lubrication with oil/water heat exchanger
    • Engine control unit (ECU): BOSCH MS 6.4 EVO
    • Maserati Corse traction control
    • Race exhaust system with twin tailpipes mounted centrally and catalytic converter
  • Suspension
    • Front and rear axle with double wishbones
    • Front and rear adjustable anti-roll-bar blades (left & right)
    • Electric power steering
    • Wheel hubs with centre lock wheel nuts
    • Motorsport 4-way adjustable dampers front and rear
  • Drive train/transmission
    • Six-speed sequential racing gearbox with paddle shift
    • Internal forced oil lubrification with oil/air heat exchanger
    • Racing clutch and limited-slip self-locking mechanical differential
  • Rims
    • Bespoke 18" forged aluminium rims with centre lock fixing
  • Tyres
    • Racing slick and wet tyres
  • Bodywork
    • Maserati Centro Stile design
    • Lightweight full-composite bodywork with high-aerodynamics performance
    • Adjustable rear wing
    • Fully closed carbon fibre underfloor
    • Integrated safety roof hatch (FIA Art. 277)
    • Polycarbonate windscreen and side windows
  • Cockpit
    • Maserati Centro Stile design
    • Fixed racing bucket seat with four-point mounting
    • Adjustable racing pedal box
    • Adjustable steering column
    • Six-point racing safety harness
    • Air conditioning system
    • FIA-spec fire extinguisher system
    • Carbon fibre multifunction steering wheel with integrated display