2024 Donkervoort F22 Art Edition

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Donkervoort has proudly endorsed the first Donkervoort Art Car, created by an award-winning Dutch artist for a long-time Donkervoort car owner and ambassador.

The F22 Art Edition is possibly the most astounding example yet of Donkervoort cars being as individual as their owners want them to be, with virtually no limits on their imagination when it comes to customisation.

It also opens the door for other Donkervoort owners to either retro-customise their existing supercars or start planning their future cars, with Donkervoort.

The F22 Art Edition came to life when Cees Lubbers, a long-standing member of Donkervoorts informal Ambassador owners group, wanted an artwork for his gallery to represent him and all that makes him happy, and he wanted to recreate it on his F22. And Donkervoort is all about creating supercars that make people happy.

The original painting, created by the award-winning Dutch artist Anneke Wilbrink, even features a Donkervoort logo to represent Lubbers' long association with the brand, and it has been transferred onto this car to create the F22 Art Edition.

"The Netherlands is a country rich in artistic heritage, and Donkervoort is a company rich in engineering heritage, so it seems a perfect fit to us," Donkervoort Managing Director Denis Donkervoort said. "Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers love and engage with their cars as much as we loved creating them, and it's hard to imagine anybody engaging with their car more than Cees has done."

Lubbers plans to display the F22 Art Edition in his own gallery, which is also filled with art, unique cars and motorbikes.

The man known to the Donkervoort Ambassadors group as "Race Cees" also still uses his red D8 GTO JD70 R as a regular track-day weapon of choice (and it was even the actual model for the official Donkervoort miniature model).

Wilbrink won the Royal Dutch Award for painting in 2006 and was nominated for the Prix de Rome in 2004, and she has had dozens of exhibitions all over Europe.

The F22 Art Edition retains all the mechanical properties of the standard Donkervoort F22, including its 666hp/tonne power-to-weight ratio, 2.3g of cornering muscle and a 0-200km/h sprint time of just 7.5 seconds.