2025 Deus Vayanne

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The Vayanne is the manifesto of the DEUS design language of symmetry and infinity that sculpts the car’s character.

  • DEUS, Italdesign, and Williams Advanced Engineering stand as one to lead the way to luxury electric hypercars with the Vayanne producEon-oriented concept.
  • With predicted power of more than 2,200 horsepower (1,640 kW), over 2,000 Nm (1,475 lb-S) of torque, and a top speed of more than 400 km/h (248 mph) and 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) delivered in under 1.99 seconds, the Vayanne is a perfect blend of outstanding performance and perfect design.
  • The producEon version of the Vayanne will be limited to a series of 99 units, with the first delivery in 2025
  • Unique market posiEon thanks to the blend of Emeless aspects of design and functionality paired with cuXng-edge performance figures and technology, which is second to none in the EV segment.
  • DEUS Vayanne is the oasis of luxury in the world of electric hypercars.

Three Brands, One Mission – Reimagining the Most Powerful Electric Hypercar in History

New York City, April 13, 2022 – DEUS Automobiles, Italdesign, and Williams Advanced Engineering stand as one to inspire the way to luxury electric hypercars. This unique
partnership emerged from DEUS’ ambition to design and create an electric hypercar set to become the benchmark of driving emoEon. Our commitment to achieving perfection is
further refined by Italdesign’s heritage and skills and Williams Advanced Engineering’s ground-breaking electrificaEon technologies.
The Vayanne design concept began to take shape in 2020 at DEUS Automobiles, and from the start it embodied the idea of merging an everlasting spirit with modernity and paying homage to DEUS’ Viennese roots.

The inspiration for the DEUS brand name is a powerful, shining entity and the idea of timeless strength and precision driving creativity and innovation. The embodiment of this
concept is DEUS Automobiles Head of Design, Adrian-Filip Butuca. This inspired designer’s daily commitment is fueled by his passion, dedication, and determination, and it is the vital spark that ignites DEUS Automobiles’ mission as it enters the internaEonal landscape with its signature logo: a lightning bolt.
The DEUS lightning bolt aligns with the company’s focus on 100-percent electric propulsion technology that will power the ultra-limited, high-performance hypercars DEUS Automobiles will create with the technical support from Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering.
With 50-years of experience and experEse developing pre-series and limited and ultralimited production vehicles at its Torino, Italy headquarters, Italdesign can offer DEUS
Automobiles the strategic and technical support necessary to help get its creaEve visions ready for the road while playing the role of enabling and integrating emerging and innovative vehicle technologies.
DEUS Automobiles is part of a group of businesses with more than 30 years of success in industries ranging from publishing to packaging and is active in today’s broader mobility
ecosystem and is commiged to an exploratory approach towards product, business, and collaborative innovation.