2023 Dacia Jogger Extreme

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The launch of the Extreme trim is part of Dacia's strategy to leverage its renewed appeal and expand its territory, while carefully respecting its values. The Extreme trim takes the brand's "robust and outdoor" approach a step further, not only in terms of design but also in terms of features, without losing any of the parts that made it essential, cool, affordable, and ecological.

The Extreme trim, which tops the Dacia range, serves to appeal to new customers looking for a way to further enjoy the great outdoors. Its introduction answers to many of the brand's customers who adopt an outdoor lifestyle and continues to offer excellent features for the 70% of Dacia buyers who opt for high-end trims.


Dacia's four flagship models are now available with the Extreme trim: Spring, Sandero Stepway, Duster and Jogger. The trim can be paired with all engine types, except for the Spring Extreme which is exclusively available with the brand-new ELECTRIC 65 engine.

The Extreme trim tops the Dacia range. For the Sandero Stepway and Jogger, it sits above the current Essential and Expression finishes. For the Duster, the Extreme trim comes after Essential, Expression and Journey. Last but, not least, the Extreme trim on the Spring stands on top of the Spring Essential ELECTRIC 45.


The Extreme trim applies unique design elements across all four models, subtly hinting at the outdoors. The design team, many who spend their spare time adventuring themselves, wanted to create distinctive elements that worked across the entire range.

On the exterior, these include:

  • New paint colours: Cedar Green for the Sandero Stepway, Duster, Jogger and Slate Blue for the Spring. The new colours are in addition to existing options.
  • Numerous features in Copper Brown, a colour specially developed for the Dacia Extreme. Copper Brown appears on the door mirrors, wheel centre caps, and the DACIA logo on the tailgate, amongst other decorative features.
  • "Topographical" decorative elements, a nod to the contour lines found on topographical maps. The pattern can be found on the side stickers as well as the snorkel stickers on the Spring, Sandero Stepway and Jogger Extreme, and on the B-pillar stickers on the Duster Extreme.
  • Shiny Black alloy wheels, 16-inch on the Sandero Stepway and Jogger, and 17-inch on the Duster.

On the interior, these distinctive elements include:

  • Brand-new MicroCloud fabric. A first for Dacia, this soft to the touch, velvet-like fabric is highly resistant and easy-to-clean making it less of a fuss when you get muddy on your next adventure. It has been used on the dashboard of the Sandero Stepway and Jogger, as well as the door panels and seats of the two models plus Duster.
  • Topographical decorative elements on the door sills as well as the front and rear rubber floor mats including the third row on the Jogger, and in the front on the Spring.
  • Copper Brown decor on door panels and air-vent contours.
  • Dacia Link logo embossed on the front seats.


Dacia's new Extreme range is characterised by a design influenced by the outdoors and by features that enhance and bring the brand's values to life in a very real way.

The line-up is more robust than ever, with the introduction of key features including:

Innovative, sturdy and easy-to-maintain materials

The new washable MicroCloud fabric featured on the Extreme trim was specifically designed to offer significant resistance to external wear and tear such as stains and snags and to be much easier to clean.

The rubber floor mats are not just aesthetically pleasing with their original "topographical" design, they are also very practical. The mats are ultra-resistant and easily removable - all they need is a quick hose down after a family's next muddy adventure.

Extended Grip for off-road exploring

Because snow and mud can be harder to push through in a 2WD vehicle, the Sandero Stepway Extreme and Jogger Extreme now come with the Extended Grip as standard. An innovative solution that is activated via controls on the centre console, it adapts how the ESP and ASR work so the wheels can rotate more freely and find better grip under loose surfaces.

For drivers who venture through particularly tough terrain, the iconic Duster with the 4X4 transmission is available with Extreme. Its famed capabilities are tried and tested in the most inhospitable landscapes.

The Sleep Pack, so the adventure can continue through the night

Why should you have to leave behind a stunning view or a romantic spot on the banks of a river at the end of a beautiful day away from home? Dacia customers can now go from just being outdoors to living outdoors! Dacia's first item from the InNature accessory range, the innovative Sleep Pack can turn the Jogger into a bedroom for two in a matter of minutes.

The Sleep Pack consists of a wooden box, made to fit inside the Jogger's boot, which unfolds in minutes to form a large double bed with mattress. The mattress covers the entire rear section of the car, from the back of the front seats, over the folded-down row-2 bench seat, and out over the tailgate. The final sleeping space is particularly generous, boasting190cm long, up to 130 cm wide, with a roof clearance of minimum 60 cm.

When the Sleep Pack box is completely closed in the Jogger's boot area, it can provide up to 220 litres of storage, kept safely out of sight under the luggage cover.

The door of the Sleep Pack box can flip back to form a tray table that can be used to enjoy a meal comfortably under the protection of the Jogger's open rear tailgate.

The Sleep Pack box weighs only 50 kg, so it can easily be removed from the car if required. It can fit any Jogger, including those already purchased by customers. Buyers can enhance their 'bedroom' with additional accessories to optimise comfort. Accessories include blackout blinds for all windows and an outdoor tent that connects to the back of the Jogger for more spacious accommodation under the stars.

Smart, simple, and practical, the Sleep Pack is also excellent value for money. Priced at €1,490 if ordered when purchasing a brand-new Jogger or €1,790 when bought as an accessory to fit to a previously bought vehicle, sleeping under the stars has never been so appealing.