2019 Citroën C3-XR

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Launched at the end of 2014, Citroën C3-XR was designed for the Chinese market and has proved a major success, having sold in nearly 180,000 units in four years. On launch, it addressed the new, fast-growing B-SUV segment with a resolutely modern model designed with French creativity but adapted to the expectations of the Chinese market.

New C3-XR SUV retains all the youthful spirit and spaciousness of the previous generation but now fits more harmoniously in Citroën's new range and gains a more fun attitude and extra customisation. New Citroën C3-XR SUV is repositioning on the B-SUV segment with more attractive prices but keeping its comfort of use. It is complementing a mainstream offer including New C4 Aircross SUV and New C5 Aircross SUV, two Next Generation SUVs offering a bold design and more comfort.

With New C3-XR SUV, New C4 Aircross SUV and New C5 Aircross SUV, Citroën has a coherent SUV range of three modern and technological SUVs that strengthens its presence on the SUV market - the market with the greatest potential worldwide. With their clearly identifiable SUV cues, including body protection, a high bonnet, a vertical front end, raised ground clearance, roof bars and large wheels, these vehicles form a strong trio with inimitable Citroën styling. They are a major asset for Citroën on the Chinese market, responding to the expectations of a majority of customers.