2021 ARES Design S1 Project spyder

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Initial renders reveal stunning barchetta design

  • ARES designed wind deflectors create virtual canopy
  • Limited edition of 24 units planned
  • Order books open

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES has announced that it will be producing a limited edition run of 24 stunning S1 Project Spyder sports cars.
Based on the company’s recently launched S1 Project, the S1 Project Spyder’s clean top line is enriched by the  absence of  the  car’s windscreen  and  roof.  To  assure  the  ultimate  driving experience,  the  company’s Centro Stile designed two wind deflectors. Elegantly  emerging from the streamlined bodywork, the deflectors redirect  the  air  current  over  the  passengers  into  the  air  intakes  behind  the  headrests;  creating  a  virtual canopy and a calm yet unfiltered driving experience.
In the absence of the windscreen, the sinuous carbon fiber bodywork takes on a life of its own as it flows into the cockpit area, dividing and cocooning its passengers in the bespoke hand-crafted interior. Richly finished with the highest-grade Napa leather and Alcantara interior details reveal elegant lines with the HMI located on the central console and dashboard.

Like its sister car, the Spyder embodies all of ARES design language; created with extensive CFD studies to ensure ultimate aerodynamic performance, timeless driving experience and a captivating aesthetic. Under  the  hand-crafted  carbon  fiber  bodywork,  the  S1  Project  Spyder  houses  a  naturally  aspirated  V8
powerplant. With a maximum of 8,800rpm the car’s powerful acceleration will produce an anticipated 0-100kph in 2.7s. The rear wheel drive Spyder has an 8-speed dual clutch transmission, an ARES Design-tuned ECU and a bespoke crafted exhaust system giving the car a maximum power of 522kw (715hp).
Dany Bahar, ARES Co-Founder, commented: “We had always planned a Spyder version of the S1 Project and since we revealed that car last month the reaction has been fantastic, so we are very pleased to release details of the S1 Project Spyder. We wanted to create a model that is a true tribute to the pleasure of sport driving. This new Barchetta version adds more charm to the S1 Project design as it takes additional inspiration from the world of motorsport and the racing cars of the past”.