2023 Alpine A110 Pikes Peak

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  • Alpine continues its relentless ascent with its first-ever entry in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the legendary American Race to the Clouds.
  • Preparations are accelerating and Alpine now reveals the first images of its A110 specially prepared for the event.
  • The first test runs of this unique model took place last week in LurcyLévis. Two further test sessions will be held soon in the south of France before heading to Colorado Springs.

Since announcing its entry in one of the world's most iconic hill climbs, Alpine and Signatech have kept working hard behind the scenes to meet the challenge that awaits them on 25 June 2023.

Designed to cope with the subtleties of the 19.93 km race to the clouds, the Alpine A110 Pikes Peak is a true masterpiece of aerodynamics and engine design to meet the challenge of Pikes Peak. Thanks to a close and fruitful collaboration among the Alpine design office teams led by Raphaël Linari (design manager) and those of Signatech led by Lionel Chevalier (technical director) and François Letort (project manager), the car, the most extreme A110 to date, has been converted into a formidable racing machine.

Among the most impressive features are the intensely pronounced splitters and deflectors on the ends of the spoiler, not to mention the imposing rear wing to generate downforce in the 156 corners of the course. The radical work done on the Alpine A110R also appears via the side skirts and diffuser of this one-off model, while an inlet appears on the roof to force air into the engine, resulting in nearly 500 horsepower. Specific work has also been done to reduce the car's weight to only 950 kilograms.

The Alpine designers have thus fully embraced their choice of extremes, demonstration and visual impact while maintaining some original proportions to ensure the car remains eligible for the Time Attack 1 category, which is depicted in the inclusion of a 'Le Mans-style' shark fin on the rear window that literally cut through the massive rear wing.

The lights have also received more aggressive treatment. Two exceedingly thin laser-cut bars replace the two circles at the front. Meanwhile, the light functions of the rear lights have been shifted into three vertical segments on the side rails and central ridge, as a nod to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, while also reinforcing the perceived width of the car, highlighted by other details such as bespoke wheels. 

This unique Alpine will soon embark on its assault on the American peaks with the aim of breaking records. After its debut runs at Lurcy-Lévis on 25 and 26 April, the model will welcome its designated Pikes Peak driver, Raphaël Astier, who will get behind test the car in its final configuration for the first time next week.